McCornock, James

Birth Name McCornock, James
Gender male
Age at Death less than about 42 years, 6 months


see McCornack Genealogy -
(Extract from 1684 Parish Enumeration)
"McCarmick,Marian, lived at Cruives, Dereagills Land, Kirkinner parish,Wigtownsh., 15 Oct 1684. PC10.265.
McCornock,Alexander, lived at Kirbroyne,Patrick Coltrans Land,Kirkinnerpar.,Wigtownsh.,15 Oct 1684. PC10.265.
McCornock,Andrew, lived at Kirbroyne,Patrick Coltrans Land,Kirkinner par.,Wigtownsh.,15Oct1684. PC10.265.
McCornock,James, lived at Kirbroyne,Patrick Coltrans Land,Kirkinner par.,Wigtownsh.,15Oct1684. PC10.265.
McCornock,Marian, lived at Kirbroyne,Patrick Coltrans Land,Kirkinner par.,Wigtownsh.,15Oct1684. PC10.265."

Note: Marion could be Mary. No proof of relatedness to our Marion, Alexander, AND James, but note all the same names.

Some other candidates from the McCornack site:
Alexander McCornack m Elezabeth McColland on the 31 Dec 1735 in Kirkinner
James McCornock m Janet Broadfoot on the 24 Mar 1720 in Kirkinner
(James was the 2nd son Alex McCornack); Janet's father Alex Broadfoot)
c Agnes McCornack c 9 Apr 1721 in Kirkinner
c James McCornack c 25 Feb 1737 in Kirkinner [ed. clearly a typo - this is Mary's birthdate]

I have a Testament Dative for James McCornack of Kirkcowan, issued after his demise in July, 1742

Confirmed Mary McCornock 25 Feb 1737 daughter of James & Janet from LDS transcription of parish records.
and James s/o Alexander.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1700 Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland    
Death before 1742-07-00 Kirkcowan, Wigtownshire, Scotland    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McCornock, Alexanderabout 1675
    Brother     McCornock, ? before 1700
         McCornock, James about 1700 before 1742-07-00
    Brother     McCornock, Thomas after 1700


Family of McCornock, James and Broadfoot, Janet

Married Wife Broadfoot, Janet ( * about 1704 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1720-03-24   Marriage of McCornock, James and Broadfoot, Janet  

Mary parents speculative - based entirely on Parish records as transcribed by LDS :
Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type:
C118892 1694 - 1820 1068037 Film 6901440

Sorbie, 1720.
"March 28. James Mccornock in Kirkinner and Jonet Broadfoot daughter to
Alexr. Broadfoot Elder in high Culls declared their purpose of Marriage and
being orderly proclaimed they were married April 21."
I wonder if the 'Elder' referred to the elder of two generations of
Alexander BROADFOOT, or if he was an Elder of the church.

Kirkinner, 1720.
(I have included the record of ThomasMcCORNOCK here for reason which will
be obvious. It happened to be the next record on the same page as for
"March 24. James McCornock 2d. Lawful Son to Alexr. McCornock in Crews &
Janet Broadfoot daur. to Alexr. Broadfoot in High Culls intimate their
design of Marriage and after orderly proclamation was married at [a space
left here] at Sorbie."
1721 "April 9. James McCornack in Barness and Janet Broadfot had a Lawll
Daugr. born the 3d. of Apr. and baptised this 9 of Apr. Called Agnes."
1737. "James McCornock in Caponch & Janet Broadfot had a Daughter born on
Monday the 21st of Febr. Baptised on friday the 25 of Febr. Called Mary."

Name Birth Date Death Date
McCornock, Agnes1721-04-03
McCornack, Mary1737-02-211813-02-01