Woodlief, Thomas

Birth Name Woodlief, Thomas
Gender male


Thomas is father of this Anne Woodlief Ledbetter in the "Ledbetters of Virginia" genealogy. Altho Anne Woodlief Ledbetter was daughter of Edward Woodlief and Sarah Pollard, very doubtful she was the one that married Joseph.

Thomas' parents unknown but definitely descends from this line -


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Woodlief, Edward16521718
Mother Pollard, Sarahabout 1670
         Woodlief, Thomas


Family of Woodlief, Thomas


From "Abstracts of Prince George [Record] Book 1759-60", copied by Robert Armistead Stewart, W&MQ Jan. 1931:
"Will of Edward (X) Woodlief of the County of Prince George and Parish of Bristol. Pro. Aug. 14, 1759.
Brother Thomas Woodlief; Joseph Ledbetter; Richard Burge; Edward Woodlief, son of Thomas Woodlief; sister Sarah Pace; sister Ann Ledbetter; sister Susanna Woodlief; sister Mary Lovse; Joseph Ledbetter.
Wit :-Francis Haddon, George Williams, Thos. Whitmore.
Inventory of the Estate of Edward Woodlief given by his Executors Thomas (X) Woodlief and Joseph Ledbetter. Nov. 11, 1759"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Woodlief, Thomas
Woodlief, Sarah
Woodlief, Susanna
Woodlief, Mary
Woodlief, Edwardbefore 1759-05-10
Woodlief, Anneabout 1725about 1788