Davenport, [Living]

Birth Name Davenport, [Living]
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, General Lee1888-06-281980-12-00
Mother Ford, Winnie1902
    Sister     Davenport, Ida Mae 1918-06-27 1980-09-00
    Sister     Davenport, Hazel Lois 1920-07-20 2000-11-08
    Brother     Davenport, [Living]
    Brother     Davenport, William H 1924-10-31 2000-02-23
         Davenport, [Living]
    Sister     Davenport, Gladys 1929-06-26 1988-11-23
    Sister     Davenport, Jean
    Sister     Davenport, Lucy
    Sister     Davenport, Mary Faye
    Brother     Davenport, [Living]


Family of Smith, Oral and Davenport, [Living]

Married Husband Smith, Oral ( * + ... )