Burkholder, Eldon B

Birth Name Burkholder, Eldon B
Gender male
Age at Death 76 years, 1 month, 6 days


Believe this Eldon son of Gilbert and Mattie from Jasper County, Missouri. This Eldon was also an early racecar driver:

Per the Stone Cemetery book, page 55, Eldon Burkholder is buried in Stone Cemetery.
"BURKHOLDER, Eldon B 10-29-1904 D 12-04-1980 LOT 188
Son of Gibb and Mattie Coulter Burkholder - Born in Chico TX
Brother of Faye Nell Burkholder Selman
First wife was Maude Scott Burkholder and their adopted daughter was Mary Ann Hunter. Gibb did the dynamite work to blow stumps fro the widening and eventual paving of 7th Street from east side of Duenweg to Fidelity. After John died he married the widow Georgia Greninger Houk. Some time after Eldon died the Supt. of paving of 7th Street (1930) asked to see Eldon's
grave said, "There lies the last qualified steam shovel operator I know of."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1904-10-29 Missouri, USA born in Chico, TX according to biography  
Death 1980-12-04 Duenweg, Jasper, MO "Webb City, MO" according to Bob Lawrence 1
Event Note

just a guess that this is the Eldon Burkholder who married Audrey McRoberts


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Burkholder, Gilbert A1874
Mother Coulter, Mattie1877-01-211953-10-21
         Burkholder, Eldon B 1904-10-29 1980-12-04
    Sister     Burkholder, Faye Nell 1907


Family of Burkholder, Eldon B and McRoberts, Audrey Dorothy

Married Wife McRoberts, Audrey Dorothy ( * 1896-07-04 + 1992-06-20 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1960-10-29 Imperial, CA Marriage of Eldon Burkholder and Audrey D Miller 2
Divorce after 1970 Maricopa, AZ    

Note Eldon Burkholder's marriage listed twice - once for "Audrey D Miller" and again for "Audrey D Roberts"

Living in Phoenix as Mrs. Audrey Burkholder in 1975

Family of Burkholder, Eldon B and Scott, Maude

Married Wife Scott, Maude ( * 1907 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1927      

Home in 1930: Joplin, Jasper, Missouri (living with mother Nora Scott)

Name Birth Date Death Date
Burkholder, [Living]