Davenport, Orville John

Birth Name Davenport, Orville John 1
Nick Name Johnny
Birth Name Davenport, Orville J
Birth Name Davenport, Orville
Gender male
Age at Death 60 years, 3 months, 4 days


" Orville Davenport married Mary Grant (a distant relative of President U.S. Grant, a fact no one in the family was proud of). Orville and Mary had 13 children, 4 of whom fought in the Civil War:
Joe Davenport fought in Virginia
Frank Davenport fought in Tennessee
Cicero Davenport, who fought in his Uncle Montraville's Cavalry Brigade
Taylor Davenport, who also fought in the same Montraville's Cavalry Brigade
After Mary's death, Orville then married a Miss Almon and they had 4 more children.
Belcher Davenport fought in Capt. R.R. Davenport's Brigade and was killed in action.
Adrian Davenport was born handicapped and did not serve.
Adeline Davenport married David Springs, who was an officer in Capt. R.R. Davenport's Brigade under Gen. Nathan B. Forrest.
Emeline Davenport married a Mr. Holliman. They sent 3 sons to war:
Tom Davenport
Bill Davenport
Rozz Davenport.
Eveline Davenport married a Mr. Clayton.

DeKalb Co AL Census 1850 pg 399b.
DeKalb Co AL Census 1860 pg 50 & 51.
DeKalb Co AL Census 1870 pg 877a.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1815-01-28 Granville, Jackson, TN    
Death 1875-05-01 De Kalb, AL   2a
Burial   Sulphur Springs South Cem DeKalb Co AL    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, Joseph1789-06-021876-01-22
Mother Thomas, Mary1788-03-311849-08-17
    Sister     Davenport, Emmeline 1813-01-28 1896-11-10
         Davenport, Orville John 1815-01-28 1875-05-01
    Brother     Davenport, Adrian 1816-07-17 1847-05-01
    Sister     Davenport, Carrol 1820-01-23 1820-03-22
    Brother     Davenport, Montraville 1821-05-04 1890-11-17
    Brother     Davenport, Robert Rodolphus 1823-08-23 1870-09-18
    Brother     Davenport, Belcour Lewis? 1827-02-26 1864-02-01
    Sister     Davenport, Evaline Catherine 1830-04-06 1916-03-04
    Sister     Davenport, Adaline Ledbetter 1834-02-18 1912-08-08


Family of Davenport, Orville John and Grant, Mary

Married Wife Grant, Mary ( * 1822-08-30 + 1857-09-09 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1839-11-26 Bradley, TN Marriage of Davenport, Orville J and Grant, Mary  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, Joseph Grant1840-11-00before 1920
Davenport, Francis Marion1841-12-091920-06-17
Davenport, Elizabeth1843-02-071898-05-29
Davenport, Cicero C1844-05-171932-08-16
Davenport, Zachariah Taylor1845-11-171922-01-06
Davenport, William O.1847-02-151874-08-23
Davenport, John H.1849-03-101922-04-22
Davenport, Abigail M.1850-09-221862-08-21
Davenport, Cassius Claius1852-02-201939-01-07
Davenport, Erskin Tedford1852-12-121938-10-05
Davenport, Richard Byron1855-09-221862-08-21
Davenport, Adaline J1857-08-191905-09-08

Family of Davenport, Orville John and Allman, Mary Caroline

Married Wife Allman, Mary Caroline ( * 1830-02-02 + 1900-01-24 )

home in 1870: De Kalb Co, AL
home in 1880: Cherokee Co, AL

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, Ida Belle1860-10-121940
Davenport, Nelson Allman1862-11-27between 1910 and 1920
Davenport, Henry Rodolphus1864-06-071927-05-28
Davenport, Lilburne1866-05-02before 1900

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