Yarbrough, Franklin Grissom

Birth Name Yarbrough, Franklin Grissom
Gender male


F.G. and May were married in 1891 in Texas. They had children named Rose, Ruth, Babbie and Bob that I know of for sure. Rose is Judy Johnston's grandmother.

Rose's family:


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1871 Mississippi, USA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Yarbrough, Benjamin Franklin1834-05-061912-12-09
Mother Kelly, Patience Angeline1845-11-271939-04-08
    Sister     Yarbrough, Ionia 1865
    Sister     Yarbrough, Lulia 1868
         Yarbrough, Franklin Grissom 1871
    Brother     Yarbrough, Virgil 1872
    Brother     Yarbrough, Benton 1874
    Brother     Yarbrough, John Wesley 1877-04-04 1948-08-11
    Sister     Yarbrough, Beatrice A 1878
    Brother     Yarbrough, William B 1882
    Sister     Yarbrough, Otera 1886


Family of Yarbrough, Franklin Grissom and Dashner, Mary Elizabeth

Married Wife Dashner, Mary Elizabeth ( * 1875 + ... )

1900: Justice Precinct 1, Johnson Co, TX
1910: Durant Ward 4, Bryan, Oklahoma

Name Birth Date Death Date
Yarbrough, Kyle1895
Yarbrough, Leon1897
Yarbrough, Rosetta Patience1899
Yarbrough, Mavis1901
Yarbrough, Ruth1903
Yarbrough, Nina May1906