Skinner, Naomi

Birth Name Skinner, Naomi
Gender female
Age at Death more than 54 years


only a rumor.

A Joseph Skinner in Ira, VT is possibly her brother or father. He is the only Skinner in Rutland Co, VT 1780 census. Benoni Thayer was in Rutland in 1791.
Biography of a "Joseph Skinner" of Irasburgh in Vermont Historical Gazetter; this Joseph died in 1839 at the age of 62 (b.1777) so he must be Joseph's son.

[kdd: I see two possibilities. I noticed both Joseph and Ephraim Skinner appear on the Revolutionary War Rolls with Benoni Thayer (roll 49, Bedel's... from NH) all from Grafton, NH.

1) Ephraim was a pensioner in Craftsbury, Orleans, VT. b.1756 d.1830. Naomi would have to have been his sister, but birth records of Hebron, CT do not have her. Ephraims brith record 24 Aug 1756 parents Thomas and Martha. Siblings Abel 1752, Hannah 1755, Ann 1758, Durthany 1767

2) Joseph Skinner (m. Triphosa Lord 1776) and remained in Grafton, NH till his death (1745-1840). Curiously, Joseph Skinner, in Ira, Rutland, VT 1780 Census - the only Skinner in Rutland. Benoni Thayer was in Rutland , state census of 1791, and Joseph Skinner had a son, Joseph, who lived in Irasburgh, VT (1777-1839). Only his sons are listed in family trees. Of course marriage in 1776 is too late for Naomi.]

Alternately, Naomi Skinner d/o Gideon Skinner and Dorcas Strong (CT->VT); however recorded as marrying William Ford.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1756 and 1765      
Death after 1810      
Event Note

a guess from the Census.


Family of Thayer, Benoni and Skinner, Naomi

Married Husband Thayer, Benoni ( * 1757-02-04 + about 1816 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1780-04-00 Peacham, Caledonia, VT    

Note was Orange Co, VT before 5 Nov 1792.

Peacham, VT in 1790 census:
Thayer, Benoni 1m16+ 3m16- 3f 0 0 7 213 ( 3 sons & 2 daughters )

1800 census:
Head of family M<10 M10-16 M16-26 M26-45 m45+ F<10 F10-16 F16-26 F26-45 F45+ Others
Thayer, Benoni 2 3 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 (7 sons & 1 daughter)

1810 census Peacham, VT:
m10-15 m16-25 m45+ 2f45+

In "Peacham, the story of a Vermont hill town" [google books], an account of "Eunice Thayer, who became a town charge in 1816...for eleven years she was shunted from farm to farm, having 10 different masters...At last, in 1827, death released her from a servitude which was ignominious and unrewarded" [ is this Benoni's wife or sister? ]

Name Birth Date Death Date
Thayer, John1783-03-121813-07-16
Thayer, Willard1787
Thayer, Mary “Polly”about 1790about 1823