Thayer, Benoni

Birth Name Thayer, Benoni
Gender male
Age at Death about 58 years, 10 months, 28 days


based entirely upon Benoni the only Thayer in Peacham, VT in 1800 census. Has large familiy.
June 1789 first "pitched lot" in Peacham, VT

VT State Census:
BENONI THAYER VT Orange County Petitioners 1786
BENONI THAYER VT Rutland County Cabot 1791

last census is 1810 Peacham, Caledonia, VT 1810 as "Benona Thayer"

mentioned repeatedly in town records for founding of Peacham, VT (Sep 1782)
petitioned the state for relief as Tax Collector of Peacham, Oct 1790. In 1793, he, as Constable, "petitioned for release from prison, where he was because of an extent of the Treasurer for taxes on lands he was unable to sell at vendue." He wrote "It is a a Frontier Settlement, and adjoining a great Wilderness - the great and universal scarcity of Bread has Baffled the Exertions of our ablest Men in advancing the settlement of the Country and has drained all our purses and emaciated our bodies." "Peacham, the story of a Vermont hill town" by Ernest Ludlow Bogart

Kay Diekemper post on rootsweb message board:
"Benoni Thayer was a prominent citizen in Peacham Vermont. Had several children but am having trouple connecting some of the Thayers to him. Son Williard and daughter Mary "Polly". "Polly" married Moses Watts in Peacham and traveled with him towards Indiana. Willard died NY? Wife believed to be Naomi Skinner. Any info appreciated."

"Benony Thayer" is a Corporal in the US Revolutionary War Rolls for NH, Bedel's Regiment, 1775-1776, vol 49
Bedel's Regiment appears to have been in the Battle of the Cedars, which ended in disgrace for Bedel -
Subsequently served in Capt Jonathan Chandlers Company from Grafton, NH Sep 1777


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1757-02-04 New Milford, Litchfield, CT   1
Military Service     served in Revolutionary War for state of VT 2
Death about 1816 Peacham, Caledonia, VT    
Event Note

last appearance in the 1810 census. Assume 1816 because that's when Eunice Thayer became ward of the town.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Thayer, Oliver1704-08-01
Mother Bartlett, Mindwellabout 1714
    Brother     Thayer, Lemuel
    Brother     Thayer, Oliver
    Sister     Thayer, Lois
    Sister     Thayer, Hannah 1739-07-28 before 1850
    Sister     Thayer, Annis 1741-09-19
    Sister     Thayer, Eunice about 1741-10-25 1827?
    Brother     Thayer, Joseph about 1754-05-31
         Thayer, Benoni 1757-02-04 about 1816
    Sister     Thayer, Mary 1760-10-06


Family of Thayer, Benoni and Skinner, Naomi

Married Wife Skinner, Naomi ( * between 1756 and 1765 + after 1810 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1780-04-00 Peacham, Caledonia, VT    

Note was Orange Co, VT before 5 Nov 1792.

Peacham, VT in 1790 census:
Thayer, Benoni 1m16+ 3m16- 3f 0 0 7 213 ( 3 sons & 2 daughters )

1800 census:
Head of family M<10 M10-16 M16-26 M26-45 m45+ F<10 F10-16 F16-26 F26-45 F45+ Others
Thayer, Benoni 2 3 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 (7 sons & 1 daughter)

1810 census Peacham, VT:
m10-15 m16-25 m45+ 2f45+

In "Peacham, the story of a Vermont hill town" [google books], an account of "Eunice Thayer, who became a town charge in 1816...for eleven years she was shunted from farm to farm, having 10 different masters...At last, in 1827, death released her from a servitude which was ignominious and unrewarded" [ is this Benoni's wife or sister? ]

Name Birth Date Death Date
Thayer, John1783-03-121813-07-16
Thayer, Willard1787
Thayer, Mary “Polly”about 1790about 1823