Case, William

Birth Name Case, William
Gender male
Age at Death 60 years


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"Following was copied from book "William Case of Rhode Island and some of His Descendants", starting on page 1.
William Case On 30 September 1635, William Case, aged nineteen, embarked from London England on the ship "Dorset". Mr. John Flower was Master, and was bound for Bermuda. William was from Aylsham in Norfolk County, a center for the Puritan rebellion. The Case lands at Aylsham surrounded the property of the family of Ann Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII, and the Cases and Boleyns Intermarried several times. Although William was the only Case on that ship, other early records record an Edward, Henry, John, Thomas, James, George and Richard in New England. They were all undoubtedly related, because they lived in the same areas (Newport, Newton, Hartford, etc.) and appear in court documents together. When the others arrived is not yet known. At the General Court of Elections, held at Providence on 22 May 1655, William Case was received as a freeman of the Colony. Roger Williams was moderator. A man was eligible to apply for freeman status when he reached twenty-one years of age, was orthodox in religion, and possessed at least twenty pounds. Once he became one, he could vote and hold public office, which William did, many times. He served as a Deputy to the General Court of Rhode Island in 1667, 1673, 1674, and 1675. He was also a Grand Jury member in 1670 and 1671. On 2 June 1658, William sold all his interest in Connecticut and Dutch Island to Caleb Carr of Newport. On 22 July 1673, he bought Watson's Point of Luke Watson, of Elizabethtown, New Jersey. There were 105 acres of land, which he bought for 1000 fleeces of wool. On 26 November 1674, he deeded away his rights in common land at Newton, Long Island. On July 1676, the land at Watson's Point was conveyed by deed by the heirs of William Case, to their brother Edward. The exact date of William's death has not been found. However , the deed was singed by Joseph, Emanuel, Agnes, Sarah, Mary and Penelope, giving us the names of William's children. In 1638/1639, William had married Mary White, daughter of Emanuel and Katherine White of Watertown. According to Bond's Genealogies and History of Watertown, Emanuel was a proprietor there in 1636/1637, but not in 1642. His homestead of fifteen acres was bounded on the S.W. by E. How, on the N.E. by J. Eddy, and on the e. by the highway. In the third Great Dividend, he was given twenty-five acres as a freeman, which he later sold to John Eddy. In Pieroe's Colonial Lists, Emanuel is listed as a Constable at Yarmouth in 1642 and 1643. In Freeman's History of Cape Cod, Emanuel was on the list of those eligible to bear arms in Yarmouth. He was in the Yarmouth County Militia in 1643, Surveyor of Highways in 1645, and on the Grand Jury in 1646. There is a deed in Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families, dated 24 February 1654, between Robert Dennis and Andrew Hallett, that mentions land bounded by the late Emanuel White, so he died before 1654 in Yarmouth. He was still alive in 1651, because on 4 March, he was presented at Plymouth for "vivifying the Ministry of Mr. Miller." On 2 June, Mr. Miller was cited to answer for remarks in his sermons against the government. (History of Cape Cod by Freeman). William Case died in 1676. His widow Mary was executrix, and on 18 October 1676, she brought suit against Lawrence Turner for non-performance of a bargain, and obtained a judgment of 4 pounds. It is not known when she died, but she was still alive in 1680, as she was taxed 5s. (Gen. Dict. of RI). Officials in Rhode Island say that there was a will for William Case at one time, but it cannot be found.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1616 Aylsham, Norfolk, England    
Death 1676 Newport, Newport, RI    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Case, William15901635
Mother Rodich, Susan1590
         Case, William 1616 1676


Family of Case, William and White, Mary

Married Wife White, Mary ( * 1632 + after 1680 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Case, William
Case, Joseph
Case, Jamesabout 16501719