(Miley), Barbara

Birth Name (Miley), Barbara
Gender female
Age at Death 70 years


on tombstone in Tchantz Cemetery West Lampeter, PA says "aged 70 years"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1672 Switzerland    
Death 1742 Lancaster, PA    


Family of Miley, (John) Martin and (Miley), Barbara

Married Husband Miley, (John) Martin ( * 1691-02-07 + 1770-10-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1718 Lancaster, PA    

Barbara was "wife of Martin Meyli" who at death had been married 24 years. She was also 70 years old when she died. This is inconsistent with Martin Miley marrying Anna Sabina Baettle before 1733 (they were husband and wife in Early Lutheran Baptism records from 1733 onward). Because of the age difference, it is possible there were 2 Martin Meyli's with one born about 1672 being the father of the one born 1691.


    1. (Miley), Barbara
      1. Miley, (John) Martin