Myers, Johann Jacob

Birth Name Myers, Johann Jacob
Call Name Jacob
Nick Name Johney?
Birth Name Meyer, Johann Jacob
Gender male
Age at Death 73 years


This might be wrong. see*v105t1514&id=I0680
lists father as Johney Myers b. 1730 in Schoharie County, New York, d. 24 OCT 1781 in Schoharie County, New York (Daughters of the American Revolution Index) Military service: He was a Lieut. in Captain Frederick Getman's Company, Colonel Peter Bellinger's 4th Regiment, Tryon County, New York (Gen. notes of Schoharie by Cady. This message claims this patriot married Anna Maria Hager -

Compare -
# Military Service: United Empire Loyalist who moved to Canada after the American Revolution 2
# Immigration: thought to have come originally from right bank of the Rhine River where it flows from Germany into the Netherlands, then Holland, but now Germany 2
# Religion: Dutch Reformed Church in NYS; Presbyterian in Dundas County, Ontario, Canada 2
# Event: Note "Jacob Mires, Late of NY State, UEL 1790" appeared on pg. 311 of list of names in "The United Empire Loyalists Centennial Celebration -1784-1884" by the Centennial Committee 3
# Event: Note 6 JUL 1790 "Received a Petition from Jacob Mires, Albany County, Praying to avail himself of the Bounty whish his Majesty has been pleased to offer to all deserving Loyalists, he being recommended for his good character and Loyalty by John Bose and Nicholis Frimire . 4
# Residence: Jacob Mires received patent for Lot 32,, Conc. 6, Williamsburg Township" 5
# Residence: 1800 Lot 21, conc 1, Williamsburg and lot 21 in conc. 2, also Williamsburg which was willed to Tobias, son of Daniel 6
# Event: Note: John Alexander and Nicholis Frimire were Loyalists from Schoharie County whose farms were likely near Jacob's 7
Mentions an elderly Jacob Myers of Currytown killed in 1781, but must be a different Jacob because -
"Colquhoun (postoffice) [in Williamsburg]...Among the very early settlers in the vicinity were Jacob Empey, .Jacob Myers, Samuel Kyle, John Colquhoun,..." These people all buried next to each other in one part of the Colquhoun Cemetery. From "Story of Dundas, Canada 1784 -1904, by J Smyth Carter 1905

references 1,2,3,4,6,7 "Your Myers' Ancestors and Their Families" by Rae Myer
reference 5 "The Story of Dundas ` Being a History of the County of Dundas from 1784 to 1904" by J. Smith Carter, 1905, St. Lawrence News Publishing House, Iroqu Page: 456

Not to be confused (like so many on with John Jacob Myers of PA who was a patriot, not a Loyalist. Nor should he be confused with the Jacob Myers who was killed by the British in Currytown, NY 1781, nor with the Jacob Myers of PA who died in GA 1808. Also the Meyer's who were in Herkimer Co, NY even earlier were probably not related.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1732 Holland or Germany    
Death 1805 Dundas, Ontario, Canada    


Family of Myers, Johann Jacob and Hager, Annatie Maria

Married Wife Hager, Annatie Maria ( * 1732-10-01 + 1815 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1754-10-07 Schoharie, Schoharie, NY    

How to tell which Jacob Myers married Anna Maria Hager? Their children's baptism records in Schoharie -
Name: Johannis Meyer
Event Type: Baptism
Birth Date: 4 Oct 1759
Father: Jacob Meyer
Mother: Anna Maria Heeger
Baptism Date: 11 Nov 1759
Baptism Place: Schoharie, Schoharie, New York, USA

Dorothea Meyer Baptism 20 Mar 1756 "Jacob Meyer" & "Anna Maria Meyer"
Geertrui Meyer Baptism 19 Mar 1758 "Jacob Meyer" & "Anna Mary Heeger"
Catharina Meier Baptism 20 Jun 1761 "Jacob Meier" & "Anna Maria Meier"
Catharina Meyer Baptism 7 Jul 1764 "Jacob Meyer" & "Anna Maria Heger"
Sara Meyer Baptism 5 Nov 1768 "Jacob Meyer" & "Anna Maria Meyer"
Jacob Meyer Baptism 25 Aug 1770 "Jacob Meyer" & "Anna Maria Meyer"
Daniel Meyer Baptism 23 Nov 1772 "Jacob Meyer" & "Anna Mary Heeger"
===> appears someone thought the 2nd Catharina was really a "Stephen"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Myers, Dorothea1756-03-23
Myers, Johannes Philip1758-10-031833-04-08
Myers, Gertrude1759-09-16
Myers, Catharina1761-04-16
Myers, Catharina1764-02-03
Myers, Stephen?1765-02-04
Myers, Sara1770-11-06
Myers, Daniel1772-09-20about 1835