The Charles Ferry Family in America

Author Ferry, Edward M.


This book is about the family of John and Elizabeth's oldest daughter and appears to be fairly accurate in the info it presents.


About the year 1640 John Harmon, i.e. Joh the first, born in England 1617, landed in Boston America, and after a year or two in Roxbury, joined the few under their leader, Pynchon, on the fertile banks of the Connecticut River and was one of the first settlers of Springfield.


    1. Harmon, John
    2. Birth, Harmon, John
      1. Harmon, John (Primary)
    1. Family of Harmon, John and , Elizabeth
      1. Harmon, John
      2. , Elizabeth
    1. , Elizabeth
    2. Death, , Elizabeth
      1. , Elizabeth (Primary)
  1. 27-28
    1. Ferry, John