This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Moore. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Moore, Addie 1871-03-27
Moore, Alexander Montraville 1867
Moore, Alice 1853
Moore, Ann about 1630
Moore, Anna about 1568
Moore, Catherine (Nmn) estimated 1560
Moore, Cynthia Althea 1820-09-22
Moore, Edward about 1566
Moore, Eliza 1899
Moore, Elizabeth 1827-01-27
Moore, Elizabeth C 1856
Moore, Enoch 1561-01-19
Moore, Enoch about 1593
Moore, Evaline 1869
Moore, Florence Virginia 1860-09-06
Moore, Frances
Moore, Frances Ann 1825-01-29
Moore, Francis 1586
Moore, Francis about 1620
Moore, George 1632
Moore, Hannah 29 DEC
Moore, Imogene Mae Johnson 1922-05-17
Moore, James  
Moore, James 1788
Moore, Jane about 1594
Moore, John 1645-03-20
Moore, John 1645-03-20
Moore, Judith about 1597
Moore, Lydia  
Moore, Magdalen between 1652 and 1654
Moore, Mary Emeline 1849
Moore, Miss about 1595
Moore, Nancy  
Moore, Nicholas
Moore, Nicholas
Moore, Phillip about 1570
Moore, Rodolphus Lee 1863
Moore, Samuel about 1562
Moore, Samuel 1591-04-20
Moore, Samuel about 1614
Moore, Samuel about 1614
Moore, Samuel Montraville 1824-04-15
Moore, Sarah  
Moore, Sarah 1643-04-03
Moore, Sarah 1643-04-03
Moore, Thomas about 1564
Moore, Thomas about 1645
Moore, Thomas about 1645
Moore, Walter Byron 1858
Moore, William 1795-12-11
Moore, William J  
Moore, Williamin (Nmn-Nicholas) about 1539
Moore, [Living]  
Moore, [Living]  
Moore, [Living]  
Moore, [Living]  
Moore, [Living]