This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Parker. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Parker, Blanche Beatrice 1892-05-03
Parker, Charlene 1940-05-30
Parker, Charlotte Lois after 1902
Parker, Clarence H WFT 1838-1866
Parker, Constance Canary 1895-04-28
Parker, Delena Diathy about 1897
Parker, Dorothy 1891-10-00
Parker, Elizabeth 1523
Parker, Frances about 1650
Parker, George 1570
Parker, George Sr. about 1610
Parker, George Jr. about 1640
Parker, Gertrude Adelia 1887-08-17
Parker, Grace Mary 1886-01-07
Parker, John 1485
Parker, John about 1635
Parker, Joseph about 1647
Parker, Leonora ‘Leo’ 1896-06-22
Parker, M O  
Parker, Martha B. about 1902
Parker, Mary about 1642
Parker, Meribah about 1645
Parker, Patience Priscilla 1898-10-07
Parker, Penelope 1666
Parker, Peter 1635
Parker, Peter about 1668
Parker, Robert Henry 1893-07-18
Parker, Sarah 1670
Parker, Theodocia 1896-06-22
Parker, Thomas about 1674
Parker, Virgie Viola 1891-05-06
Parker, William LeGrand 1869-04-11
Parker, [Living]  
Parker, [Living]  
Parker, [Living]