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Name Birth
Kuykendall, Abraham 1730
Kuykendall, Agniet Coens about 1642
Kuykendall, Barbary  
Kuykendall, Belinda 1718-01-18
Kuykendall, Benjamin 1723
Kuykendall, Benjamin 1723-09-01
Kuykendall, Christina 1726
Kuykendall, Christina 1726-02-12
Kuykendall, Jacob  
Kuykendall, Jacobus 1716
Kuykendall, Jacobus 1716-08-19
Kuykendall, Jacobyntie Jacobse about 1641
Kuykendall, Johannes, Sr. 1713-01-19
Kuykendall, Margrita 1709-09-11
Kuykendall, Marretje 1721-10-22
Kuykendall, Nathaniel 1728
Kuykendall, Nathaniel 1729-10-06
Kuykendall, Sarah about 1707
Kuykendall, Sarah 1730
Kuykendall, Styntie Jacobsen 1637-01-17