Kuykendall, Abraham

Birth Name Kuykendall, Abraham
Gender male
Age at Death 48 years, 11 days


Letter to Pamela J. Bennett, 4 February 1981 from Herbert F. Smith: Michael Harness died and his widow married Abraham Kuykendall (the elder), who was brother . . . of Johannes Kuykendall Sr. and also brother of (Colonel) Luke Decker's mother Diana. Abraham (the elder) had previously been married to a widow Claypool who had a small son Jeremiah Claypool. After Abraham's first wife died he married the widow Harness (Catherine Van Meter) and they raised all three children. Abraham never fathered any children.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1730      
Death 1778-01-12 Hampshire, VA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Van Kuykendall, Jacob1683-08-121743
Mother Westvael, Sara1691-05-26after 1777
    Brother     Kuykendall, Johannes, Sr. 1713-01-19
    Brother     Kuykendall, Jacobus 1716 1746
    Sister     Kuykendall, Belinda 1718-01-18 1797-01-10
    Sister     Kuykendall, Marretje 1721-10-22
    Brother     Kuykendall, Benjamin 1723 1789-10-18
    Sister     Kuykendall, Christina 1726
    Brother     Kuykendall, Nathaniel 1728 1798-03-18
         Kuykendall, Abraham 1730 1778-01-12
    Sister     Kuykendall, Sarah 1730 about 1758