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Name Birth
Schroeder, Abraham Isaac B 1781-12-04
Schroeder, Abraham Isaac S 1775-03-26
Schroeder, Aganetha I G 1832
Schroeder, Andreas Isaac G 1826
Schroeder, Anna I V 1809
Schroeder, Cornelius Isaac G 1827
Schroeder, Cornelius Isaac S 1778-01-24
Schroeder, David Isaac S 1774-04-14
Schroeder, David Isaac S 1776-09-20
Schroeder, David Isaac V 1812
Schroeder, David Isaac V 1818-12-20
Schroeder, Elizabeth I S 1771-12-26
Schroeder, Elizabeth I V 1811
Schroeder, Eva I V about 1817
Schroeder, Heinrich Isaac G 1829
Schroeder, Heinrich Isaac S 1769-09-14
Schroeder, Heinrich Isaac V 1814
Schroeder, Helena I S 1770-12-09
Schroeder, Isaac Isaac S 1773-03-03
Schroeder, Isaac Isaac V 1798
Schroeder, Isaac Johann - 1738-05-16
Schroeder, Johann (Jan) about 1718
Schroeder, Johann Isaac S 1763-09-25
Schroeder, Johann Isaac V 1816
Schroeder, Maria I S 1766-11-24
Schroeder, Maria I V 1823-06-03
Schroeder, Peter Isaac S 1765-10-31
Schroeder, Peter Isaac S 1768-03-19
Schroeder, Peter Isaac V 1820
Schroeder, Timon Isaac B 1779-11-16