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Name Birth Death
Hofheintz, Anna Catherine 1739-06-23  
Hofheintz, Anna Elizabeth 1734-01-17  
Hofheintz, Hans Heinrich 1727-01-12  
Hofheintz, Hans Jacob 1740  
Hofheintz, Johann Jacob 1729-05-26 1793-08-00
Hofheintz, Johann Jeorg    
Hofheintz, Johann Jost 1701-05-26 1768-08-00
Hofheintz, Johann Jost 1743-06-24  
Hofheintz, Josh about 1590 before 1644-09-22
Hofheintz, Jost about 1664 UNKNOWN
Hofheintz, Jost Heinrich about 1625 after 1688-04-08