Cassetty, Thomas Draper

Birth Name Cassetty, Thomas Draper 1
Gender male
Age at Death about 73 years, 8 months, 29 days


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Thomas D. Cassetty against James W. Burke & Thomas J. Jones, all of Jackson Co., TN. 11 July 1856 the Bank of Tennessee recovered judgment against deft James W. Burke & one William C. Burke, your orator & one Thomas H. Butler for $53 and costs. James W. and Wm C. Burke are both insolvent. Deft James W. Burke some time ago purchased of deft Thomas J. Jones land in Dist 11, Flynn's Creek... commence Flynn's Lick & Ft Blount Rd... A. W. Johnson's line... run with said road to Brown & Lee's land bought of Thomas J. Jones, west to James Draper lands... to A. W. Johnson's lands... with said Johnson's to beginning, being where deft James W. Burke & Ben W. Richmond now life. 30 Aug 1856.

I cannot verify that "Draper" was his middle-name - the records only show "Thomas D Cassetty". May have been named after Thomas Draper, Jr early settler in Bagdad, Jackson Co, TN -

TD Cassetty was a delegate to the Whig Convention in Nashville ( The Tennessean 1853)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1816 Tennessee, USA   2
Death 1889-09-30     3
Occupation 1850   Saddler 4


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Cassetty, Thomas1762-09-09after 1840
Mother Thomas, Sarah1775after 1840
    Sister     Cassetty, Jane
    Sister     Cassetty, Libby
    Sibling     Cassetty, Massalorstar
    Sister     Cassetty, Silvia
    Brother     Cassetty, Nicholas about 1800 before 1840
    Sister     Cassetty, Hannah E about 1802 after 1862
    Brother     Cassetty, William about 1802
    Brother     Cassetty, Alexander 1804
    Brother     Cassetty, Sampson W. about 1808 1866-10-28
    Brother     Cassetty, Martin S. about 1815 1885-05-12
         Cassetty, Thomas Draper about 1816 1889-09-30


Family of Cassetty, Thomas Draper and Apple, Matilda

Married Wife Apple, Matilda ( * about 1826 + ... )

Home in 1850: District 1, Jackson, Tennessee
Home in 1860: Nashville Ward 7, Davidson, Tennessee
Home in 1880: Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee "Justice of the Peace"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Cassetty, Sary Eabout 1842
Cassetty, Mary Janeabout 1844
Cassetty, David Sabout 1846
Cassetty, John Tabout 1848
Cassetty, William M1850-08-00
Cassetty, James Tecumseh1852-04-241927-09-02
Cassetty, Olepta B1855-11-241920-08-04
Cassetty, Sidneyabout 1856


Date Street Locality City State/ Province County Postal Code Country Phone Sources
1850 District 1, Jackson Co, TN               4