McAtee, John, Jr.

Birth Name McAtee, John, Jr.
Also Known As Macketee, John
Gender male
Age at Death more than about 74 years


Cheryl Bogowitz adds:
"(Deed X#3:581) in Charles Co., MD tells of his birth -

In a deposition on 1/22/1777 he was 48 years old (Chancery LR66 X#3:581). He and Charity resided in Prince George's Co., MD. In the 1776 census John is given as 37, his wife Charity i s 25, they have two daughters ages 6 and 5, and a slave. John was a sergeant in the 11th Militia during the Revolutionary War. He is given in the 1790 census of Prince George's Co., MD . Their children were baptized in King George's Episcopal Church in Prince George's Co., MD . John wrote his will on 7/15/1794 and it was probated on 12/9/1794 (T:353). on 12/18/1794 his inventory was valued at 172:05:001/4 pounds, and his next of kin were given as Sarah McAtee and Elizabeth McAtee (Box 6:21). Since Walter McAtee administered the estate, he is thought to be his brother, no proof.

Note: I don't have the deed referred to telling of his date of birth, but the 1777 deposition and 1776 census are at odds. If 48 in 1777 he would have been born in 1729. If he were 37 i n 1776 he would have been born in 1739."

[kdd: confusion is resolved by 2 contempory John McAtee's. One who married Nancy Wade left to NC ~1781; the other who married Charity Noble, stayed in Prince George's, MD, and wrote the will of 15 July 1794.]


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1730 MD    
Death after 1804 Granger, Tennessee or Rowan, North Carolina    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McAtee, John, Sr.about 17051793-02-27
Mother (McAtee), unknown
    Brother     McAtee, Edmund (Macketee) about 1727 before 1781-11-06
    Sister     McAtee, Sarah (Macketee) about 1729 1793
         McAtee, John, Jr. about 1730 after 1804
    Brother     McAtee, Henry (Macketee) about 1731 1782


Family of McAtee, John, Jr. and Wade, Nancy

Married Wife Wade, Nancy ( * 1735 + after 1782 )

considerable differences with the family of John McAtee and Nancy ? here -
were there 2 contemporary John McAtee's? Will of John McAtee (1724-1794) in MD lists these children only:
Benedictah, Anna, Walter, Sarah, Eleanor, Elizabeth

John & family moved from MD to Rowan County NC around 1781 altho his sons probably moved earlier in the 1770's. Abednego and Edmund families in 1790 Rowan Co, NC (they were not neighbors)

Name Birth Date Death Date
McAtee, Edmund1759
McAtee, Zachariah1760-03-001838-02-14
McAtee, Thomas17611808-12-00
McAtee, Hezekiah1770-12-251850-12-28
McAtee, John1773-09-12between 1855-05-29 and 1855-06-11
McAtee, Abdenego17821865