McAtee, John, Sr.

Birth Name McAtee, John, Sr.
Also Known As Macketee
Gender male
Age at Death about 88 years, 1 month, 26 days


1740 certificate #209, Prince Georges County, Maryland. Name spelled Meggitee on the certificate. Reference: Inventories of Charles County, MD 1791-97, pgs. 140-141, HR 7302, Vol. 5210.49 (includes 3 Slaves)

John, Pomonkey Hundred-----On July 15 1740, he had 60 acres of land called "McAtee's Luck" surveyed for him. On September 5, 1741 John McAtee, Sr. leased 50 acres of land called "McAtee's Neck" near Mattawowaman Creek for his natural life and that of his sons John and Henry. On January 17 1774 he signed over this tract to Joseph Marbury (Deed S#3: 512).

Oath of Allegiance in Charles County, MD in 1778. He rendered patriotic service by providing wheat for the use of the military in September 1782 and December 1782. from "Inventory of Maryland State Papers" # 556, 576.

Prince George's County MD Will Book Liber T No. #1
Folio 353 JOHN MACATEE 07/15/1794 12 /09/1794
"being sick and weak of body ."
Bequeaths to:
I . Benedictah (1) (Macatee ?) --daughter
Anna (Macatee ?) --daughter
-each to have 1 dollar and no more of the estate
2. Walter Macatee --son
-to have 1 dollar and no more
-named executor of the wilt
3. Sarah (Macatee ?) --daughter
Eleanor (Macatee ?) --daughter
Elizabeth (Macatee ?) --daughter
-to have all the rest of testator's estate to have jointly so long. as they remain unmarried and after the last is married, then the estate is to be divided among them equally
Witnesses; William Buchan
George Rowland (mark) Martha Roland
Then came: William Buchan and George Roland
Note: the testator signed the will with his mark


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1705 Charles Co, MD    
Death 1793-02-27 Charles Co, MD    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McAtee, Edmund Charles (Mackatee), Sr.1675before 1764-10-31
Mother Clements, Sarahabout 16861724
    Brother     McAtee, Edmond Charles, Jr. about 1704 1734
         McAtee, John, Sr. about 1705 1793-02-27
    Brother     McAtee, Patrick R about 1708 about 1752
    Sister     McAtee, Mary Frances about 1710 before 1764
    Brother     McAtee, William about 1712 before 1772
    Brother     McAtee, Thomas 1714/1716 before 1777-03-00
    Sister     McAtee, Elizabeth about 1718
    Brother     McAtee, Mary Agnes about 1720
    Sister     McAtee, Eleanor about 1722 about 1784
    Brother     McAtee, Benjamin about 1724


Family of McAtee, John, Sr. and (McAtee), unknown

Married Wife (McAtee), unknown ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
McAtee, Edmund (Macketee)about 1727before 1781-11-06
McAtee, Sarah (Macketee)about 17291793
McAtee, Henry (Macketee)about 17311782

Family of McAtee, John, Sr. and Green, Sarah

Married Wife Green, Sarah ( * about 1719 + 1814 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1746   Marriage of McAtee, John (Macketee) , Sr. and Green, Sarah (Greene)  

He wrote his will in Charles County, MD on February 25, 1779 and it was probated on December 12 1792 (AK#11:130). In his will he named his daughter Sarah who was to receive th "land wheron I now live called "McAtee Luck" until she marries or dies, then to son Edmund. Sarah also received 2 slaves and was named his executrix. He named his other daughters Benedicta Berry and Elizabeth Berry, and his son John was to receive a cow, calf and 3 ewes. When son Edward died, John McAtee, Sr. presented his will for probate but declined to serve. He did not change his will after the death of his son Edmund who was to receive his land. George McAtee, the brother of Edmund, was named as guardian for Edmund's son John, and executor of his estate, since his father was unable to serve. George had moved to Harford County, MD, and the brother, Thomas acted as administrator according to the inventory of Edmund's estate. Edmund McAtee's will shows two more brothers, not mentioned in their father John McAee, Sr.'s will. By a will probated in 1792 John McAtee (Meggitee, Sr. left 69 acres of land, known as McAtee's Luck" to his wife Sarah, while she remained unmarried, otherwise to Edmund (#185) and his heirs. Reference: Will, Charles County, MD, 1792-AK 311 pp. 130-131 (H of R).

Note gap in children's ages. Sarah born 1719 could not have been a mother at 7 years old and must have been a 2nd much younger wife.

Name Birth Date Death Date
McAtee, George (Macketee)17461788-01-26
McAtee, Benedicta (Macketee)about 1749
McAtee, Elizabeth (Macketee)about 1750after 1801
McAtee, Thomas (Macketee)about 1762after 1800