Radcliff?, Rachel

Birth Name Radcliff?, Rachel
Gender female
Age at Death more than 59 years


notes from Shari & Ken Knight, Hale family researchers:
Where was Rachel Chambers after John died? She is not listed as a head of household in the 1830 census, nor does she seem to fit in with John II, George, James, or Edmond. Perhaps she died. Hale's records list her as dying after 1824, the DAR lists that she died after 1850 (But the DAR also lists her as being born Rachel Welton in Louisville, Jefferson, KY in 1765 [her daughter Rachel was born in Lousville and married a Welton]. Also, that part of the country was still Virginia in 1765, and Daniel Boone didn't move his family there until 1773/4.
Rachel, wife of John, was apparently a "camp follower" during the Revolutionary War. The "famous" slander case between John Chambers & wife and Thomas Young & wife was actually between the women. Mrs Young was accused of gossiping about Mrs Chambers and calling her many "ugly names" including "murderess and adulteress". The murderess came from the fact that Mrs Chambers had allowed her daughter-in-law and Youngs daughter, Margaret Young Chambers to die while she [Rachel] caroused around town. The adulteress came from stories about how Mrs Chambers came to have a "bad reputation" in the army and in Louisville.
The DAR lists her name as Weldon. Orville Hale claims the DAR info came from an interview with him, but the woman misunderstood him about the name Weldon. He was refering to Rachel the daughter, who married a Weldon, not the mother. (KKnight, 1990)

A study of the first families of White Oak Springs -
Shows some other families came from Hampshire Co, VA at about the same time. Claims John Chambers came in 1809, but White Oak Springs "after the Battle of Tippecanoe" in 1811:
Wease brothers in 1810
Pancake brothers in 1810
Ashby brothers in 1813
and these: Davisson, Welton, -->Radcliffe<--. Teverbaughm, Butler, Milbourn, Miles, Shook, Tevault, Risley, Corn, Arnold, Leonard, and MacBride.
-in-law David Wease had a sister Rachel born 1794, possible common name in the family.

kdd: I have found numerous DNA matches to descendants of Daniel Stephens Radcliff b.1714 VA d.21 Oct 1784 Brushy Fork of Elk Creek, Lewis, VA who lived in Hampshire Co, VA/WV, and especially, some share the same DNA segment as my Hale/Chambers cousins, and Rachel is a common given name in this line.

, "a good, true, honest, just, faithful, discreet, chaste and virtuous citizen of the State of Indiana". A jury of "good and lawful men" agreed with this characterisation in Pike County, Indiana about 1818.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1765 Jefferson, KY    
Event Note

birthplace unknown. DAR and IGI claim Jefferson Co, KY but might be confusing her with her daughter, Rachel Welton.

Death after 1824 Pike Co., IN or Knox County  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Radcliff?, Mr.
         Radcliff?, Rachel 1765 after 1824


Family of Chambers, John and Radcliff?, Rachel

Married Husband Chambers, John ( * 1749 + 1824-06-22 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1787 Jefferson, KY    

1783: John Chambers is a witness in Jefferson Co, KY to probate of Pleasan Lockett. from "Early Kentucky Settlers
The Records of Jefferson County, Kentucky, from the Filson Club History Quarterly"
1790: could be Fayette Co, KY - 2 John Chambers in KY 1790 & 1800. The one living in Bourbon Co, KY is there in both 1791 and 1800; one in Fayette in 1790 is not there in 1800, except John and Rachel were married in Jefferson in 1788 and only Chambers in 1789 Jefferson County is a James Chambers.
1800: Jefferson Co, KY (2nd Census of Kentucky)
1800: Jefferson Co, KY tax list ( only other Chambers in Jefferson is Benjamin)

John and Rachel Chambers were in Indiana by the 1807 State Census.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Chambers, Rachel1788after 1860
Chambers, Thomas1789
Chambers, John II17901873
Chambers, Elizabethabout 1795
Chambers, James1796after 1830
Chambers, George1796-09-151842-05-25
Chambers, Edmond18001850