Locke, Elisha

Birth Name Locke, Elisha 1a
Gender male
Age at Death more than about 48 years


Baptised: 1719 in Rye. From Locke:"July 2, 1746, he served at Fort William and Mary at New Castle. Elisha of Rye bought land in Barrington October 30, 1739, he and wife sold it in 1752. He, called a housewright, bought and sold and in Barrington 1752-56. Sold land in Rye 1755. He bought land in Chester in 1755-6 and sold it in 1764. Elisha of Chester bought land in Haverhill 1763 and Elisha a miller of Haverhill sold, in 1767 all his rights as a charter member of Chester. He was a pioneer business man of Haverhill, N.H."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1719 Rye, Rockingham Co, NH    
Death after 1767      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Locke, William1677-04-171768-01-22
Mother Knowles, Hannah1678-04-181769-09-12
    Brother     Locke, Jonathan 1701-03-15 1774-01-02
    Sister     Locke, Abigail 1706 1783-08-12
    Brother     Locke, William before 1707 1777-01-31
    Sister     Locke, Hannah about 1708
    Sister     Locke, Patience 1711
    Sister     Locke, Sarah about 1712 1813-04-17
    Brother     Locke, Elijah about 1715 about 1782
    Brother     Locke, Eliphalet 1716 1740-05-00
         Locke, Elisha about 1719 after 1767
    Sister     Locke, Jemima 1720-01-20 about 1785
    Sister     Locke, Hannah 1724-07-01 1770-07-01


Family of Locke, Elisha

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1742-01-13 Rye, Rockingham Co, NH Marriage of LOCKE, Elisha 2a 3a