Huffines, Sarah E Frances

Birth Name Huffines, Sarah E Frances
Gender female
Age at Death about 48 years, 4 months, 10 days


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...Your Almedia's brother, Sidney Samuel 'Sid' Huffines did marry my cousin, Sarah E. Frances Huffines - d/o Riley Washington Huffines and Sarah Ray and gd/o Daniel Huffines and Mary Jane Teel.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1864-08-22 Jackson Co, AL    
Death about 1913      
Event Note

between 1910 (last census appearance) and 1915 ( court case involving her children would have included her if she were alive).
Does not appear in any death indices 1908-1912 or official state death records 1914-


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Huffines, Riley Washington1824-09-031876-03-01
Mother Ray, Sarah1825-04-231892
    Sister     Huffines, Malissa Jane about 1843 1911
    Brother     Huffines, Daniel Marion 1847-08-07 1919-11-06
         Huffines, Sarah E Frances 1864-08-22 about 1913


Family of Huffines, Sidney Samuel and Huffines, Sarah E Frances

Married Husband Huffines, Sidney Samuel ( * 1861-11-04 + 1905-05-09 )

31 Jan. 1908.
"There being nine heirs and the widow, ten in all. . ."
1. Sarah Huffines, widow.
2. Leona Richardson, heir. [in final settlement, earlier document, husband is named as Verva Richardson].
3. Lena Hardcastle, heir. [in final settlement, earlier document, husband is named as A. L. Hardcastle].
4. Kavanaugh Huffines, heir.
5. Benton Huffines, heir.
6. Alta Huffines, heir.
7. Cortez Huffines, heir.
8. Vester Huffines, heir.
9. Bryan Huffines, heir.
10. Raymond Huffines, heir.

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Name Birth Date Death Date
Huffines, Leona Jane1886-10-081950-07-02
Huffines, Samuel Cavanaugh1889-03-091926-02-19
Huffines, Lena Mai1889-05-001922-12-17
Huffines, Benton L1890-11-241961-11-16
Huffines, Alta May1892-01-231971-03-00
Huffines, Cautice1893-09-241978-07-00
Huffines, Vester Carlock1895-01-131983-07-00
Huffines, William Jennings Bryan1896-08-271918-10-06
Huffines, Raymon Dewey1900-09-081964-11-00