Trice, James F 1

Birth Name Trice, James F
Gender male
Age at Death 75 years, 9 months


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1757-05-01 Orange Co, NC    
Military Service 1780-05-22 North Carolina, USA Pvt. in Collier's Regiment, NC Militia-- Revolutionary War. 106 days 2a
Death 1833-02-01 Montgomery Co., Tennessee    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Trice, Edward 2between 1715 and 17251807
Mother Shepard, Frances
    Brother     Trice, George
    Brother     Trice, Edward 1749 1833
         Trice, James F 1757-05-01 1833-02-01
    Brother     Trice, John about 1763
    Brother     Trice, Henry S. about 1780 1840-04-11


Family of Trice, James F and Leigh, Susannah

Married Wife Leigh, Susannah ( * 1775-04-06 + 1865-12-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1788 Orange Co, NC Marriage of Trice, James and Leigh, Susannah  
Event Note

"Montgomery County, Tn" By Turner Publishing Company


moved from Orange Co, NC to Montgomery Co, TN in Jan, 1806

family details from "Montgomery County, TN" by Turner Publishing Company, 2000 (on Google books):
"The Trice's started Trice's Landing on the Cumberland River as a place to load their barrels of pork, beef, and hogsheads of tobacco to be shipped to England. A small, scenic park has been made at the location."

Land Grant in Montgomery Co, TN recorded July 27 1814

Jesse James Trice is not mentioned in James F Trice's will. It's possible he was the son of William Trice and Mary Watkins instead.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Trice, Bingham1789-01-111859-01-04
Trice, Elizabeth1790after 1832-10-00
Trice, Leigh1791-08-251846
Trice, Jesse Jamesabout 1793between 1836 and 1840
Trice, Ignacius Fred17941858-03-02
Trice, May1798-04-16
Trice, Jane1800-03-02
Trice, Thomas Alexander1802-02-081860-06-15
Trice, Wylie Babout 1804
Trice, Greenberry18061856
Trice, Mary1808
Trice, Penelope1810-03-181849-02-20
Trice, Nancy1812-03-091868-12-14

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