Myers, Virgil Delos

Birth Name Myers, Virgil Delos
Gender male
Age at Death 82 years, 6 months, 23 days


says "Baby Meyers Adopted" in Sheffer hh in 1920. Note his father died 2 weeks after he was born. Mother died when he was 4. Not living with his grandmother Alice in 1930 - "Inmate" at the "Odd Fellows Home" in Liberty, Clay Co, MO:

"Going home: orphans reunited."

This article tells the story of several children who grew up in the Odd Fellows orphanage in Liberty, Missouri. Former residents now hold an annual reunion.

Author: Norma King ,
Source: Kansas City Star Magazine
Date: January 18, 2004
Excerpt: Orphans reunited Over the years, more than 600 children found home at the Home, the Odd Fellows orphanage in Liberty. The people who reunited last year near a dilapidated Liberty building were once orphans, who lived there. Reporter Norma King interviewed them for this story. When Rena Rice was 3 years old her mother left her five daughters at the Odd Fellows orphanage outside Liberty. Rice became the youngest of 101 children living there in 1933 and one of 600 to take sanctuary there over the 55 years it operated. Few of the children at the Home, as they called the orphanage, were real orphans...

"Delos" from Veromi


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1919-06-01 St. Joseph, MO    
Residence between 1923 and 1937 Liberty, Clay Co., Mo. Odd Fellows Home  
Event Note

Author: Mildred Kittell Ray , Author: Mrs. Sam (Mildred) Ray ,
Collection Info: Mrs. Sam Ray Postcard Collection,

Location: SC 58
Subjects: Odd Fellows Home of Missouri, Liberty, Missouri, Buildings,
Item Type: Postcard
Item ID: 35394

Full Text:
The Odd Fellows Home in Liberty is pictured on an old post card in black and white, published by the Payne Studio of Liberty. Today the home is marked with the bronze marker of the Clay County Landmarks Commission.

Originally the Reed Springs Hotel, a three-story frame building with three towers on the roof, occupied the site (on the present highway 291). A long oval racetrack was in front of the hotel. There were 108 rooms, with wall to wall carpeting. The dining room, with a seating capacity of 175, was equipped with sterling silver and linen tablecloths and napkins.

The hotel was built in 1888 by financial interests in St. Louis. The site was chosen because of mineral springs there. They were discovered about the same time as those at Excelsior Springs, 15 miles away. Iron, sulphosaline, soda and lithia waters were discovered.

Guests came from all over the United States. Among them was a young fellow who later became grand master of the Odd Fellows, Dr. F.H. Matthews. In poor health, he had gone to the Reed Springs Hotel for its healing waters. His health restored, he married a young Liberty woman and remained in Liberty to practice medicine. He later was physician at the Odd Fellows Home for 23 years.

All utilities, including heat, water and light, were provided from the hotel's own plants. At that time, Liberty had no utilities.

In 1891 Willard E. Winner, well known promoter, bought the Reed Springs Hotel, with 12 acres of farm land, and changed the name to the Winner Hotel. There was a real estate boom at the time and Mr. Winner bought hundreds of acres of land, and many business buildings. Several businesses sprang up south of the hotel, including two livery stables and blacksmith and leather shops. In the depression that followed, Mr. Winner lost all of his investments by foreclosure.

The purchase of the hotel by the Odd Fellows, for a home for widows and orphans of the members, included 12 acres of farm land and an option on 230 additional acres. The lodge had discussed the need for a home since 1883, according to the records of the late H.F. Simrall, long time Liberty clothing merchant and grand master of the lodge for many years. The dedication of the home was May 24, 1895.

Five years later the home was destroyed by fire. At the time there were 300 residents. New buildings, such as the one pictured, were erected. A hospital with a fifty-bed capacity was built in 1951. Today the facility still is in operation as a nursing home.

Kansas City Times May 21, 1982

Death 2001-12-24 Fairfield, Butler, Ohio   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Myers, Clarence Virgil1881-12-151919-06-13
Mother Sheffer, Bertha Irene1897-04-251923-12-16
         Myers, Virgil Delos 1919-06-01 2001-12-24

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