Jackson County, MO Records Online

Author Missouri Dept of Records


    1. Stoeltzing, Manuel
    2. Harmon, Geraldine
    3. Marriage, Family of Stoeltzing, Manuel and Harmon, Geraldine
      1. Harmon, Geraldine (Primary)
      2. Stoeltzing, Manuel (Primary)
  1. 1923A0006494
    1. Gilkeson, Paul Worth
    2. Marriage, Family of Gilkeson, Paul Worth and McRoberts, Leona F?
      1. McRoberts, Leona F? (Primary)
      2. Gilkeson, Paul Worth (Primary)
    3. McRoberts, Leona F?
  2. 1932A0050163
    1. Keyton, Ruth Naomi
    2. Marriage, Family of McRoberts, Lester A and Keyton, Ruth Naomi
      1. McRoberts, Lester A (Primary)
      2. Keyton, Ruth Naomi (Primary)
    3. McRoberts, Lester A
  3. 1957B0069993
    1. Marriage, Family of Rode, Patrick Aloysius and McRoberts, Elizabeth Louise
      1. McRoberts, Elizabeth Louise (Primary)
      2. Rode, Patrick Aloysius (Primary)
    2. Rode, Patrick Aloysius
    3. McRoberts, Elizabeth Louise
  4. 1951B0040272
    1. Craig, Elsie Douglas
    2. Marriage, Family of McRoberts, Lester A and Craig, Elsie Douglas
      1. McRoberts, Lester A (Primary)
      2. Craig, Elsie Douglas (Primary)
    3. McRoberts, Lester A
  5. 1928A0032635
    1. Marriage, Family of Stoeltzing, August Henry and McRoberts, Nellie
      1. McRoberts, Nellie (Primary)
      2. Stoeltzing, August Henry (Primary)
    2. Stoeltzing, August Henry
    3. McRoberts, Nellie
  6. 1930A0041949
    1. Marriage, Family of McRoberts, Glen William and Brannan, Louise Elizabeth
      1. Brannan, Louise Elizabeth (Primary)
      2. McRoberts, Glen William (Primary)
    2. McRoberts, Glen William
    3. Brannan, Louise Elizabeth
  7. 1916K0069340
    1. Marriage, Family of Kirkland, John Anthony and McRoberts, Audrey Dorothy
      1. Kirkland, John Anthony (Primary)
      2. McRoberts, Audrey Dorothy (Primary)
    2. McRoberts, Audrey Dorothy
    3. Kirkland, John Anthony