, Elizabeth?

Birth Name Elizabeth?
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death about 1813      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Calvert or Chenoweth
Mother (Calvert or Chenoweth)
         , Elizabeth? about 1813
    Sister     Calvert or Chenoweth or Hall?, Nancy


Family of Abbott, William? and , Elizabeth?

Married Husband Abbott, William? ( * + ... )

This family from lore passed down to Rebecca Abbott's descendants. (See notations in her page)

A Thomas Abbott family lives next to a William Abbott family in 1830 Pickaway Co, OH. This Thomas Abbott moves to White River, Randolph, IN , b1793 MD. Perhaps William Abbott moves to Cincinnati where in 1850 he says born 1799 MD (3 William Abbott's b.1799 MD in 1850 Census). Trees claim Thomas is son of Reuben and Mary. Reuben son of John and Elizabeth Abbott of England.

Some coincidences:
Thomas married Precilla had children (Priscilla Martin)
James 1813-
Morgan 1818 – 1888
William 1820 –
Nancy Abbott 1827 –
David Abbott 1838 –

William b.1799 MD married Matilda and had children in 1850:
Thomas J Abbott 21
William A Abbott 18
Caroline A Abbott 16
Mary E Abbott 14
Sarah J Abbott 8
Lived in Cincinnati, died in Indianapolis

Other William married Hester Reed... no further record

Other possibility is Thomas J Abbott of Bond, IL b.1801 MD had a son named William b. OH

Rebecca married David McRoberts and had children:
Nancy Ann
Lucy Ann
William Louis
Alexander David
Reuben Olds
Artimus Barnard
Cynthia Lucetta
Martha Jane
Marinda Ellen

Summary of coincidences:
1)Thomas and William Abbott are neighbors in Deer Creek, Pickaway Co, OH 1820.
2) Thomas is b.1793 MD, and lives in Randolph Co, IN in 1850.
3) Names his children James, Morgan, William, Elizabeth, Nancy, and David
4) Rebecca names her children David, Elizabeth, Nancy, William...
5) Thomas' daughter Nancy is born in KY in 1827 (where I think David McRoberts married Rebecca Abbott)
6) In Pickaway, in the same period (1817 to 1825) , a Thomas, William, Nancy, and Elizabeth Abbott are married.
===> Rebecca's mother was Elizabeth and her sisters were also named Elizabeth and Nancy.

A single Abbott in the 1812 Baltimore City Directory (pg 11) -
"Abbott, Thomas, grocer, Bridge-st. extended, Old Town"

William Abbott 1797-1839 of Baltimore, MD married Elizabeth Stansbury, probably this line of Abbott's -

Published in Baltimore newspaper -
"Abbitt, John, and Miss Nancy Little, both of Baltimore, were wed last Thurs eve, by Rev. Mr Bend. (BTD, 16 July 1798)"
(this was transcribed to "Ann Little" m. 11 Jul 1798] Very suspicioius timing, but no further records of them. Note David and Rebecca's 2nd daughter named Nancy Ann!

Mary Abbott marries Arthur Skidmore Oct 15 1822 in Pike Co, IN. A granddaughter is named Mary Rebecca Skidmore.

DNA analysis: shared DNA segment between close and distant McRoberts cousins also by a descendant of Joshua Abbott b.1711 Essex, MA and Lydia Carrier. He had a sister named Rebecca and they had a daugher also named Rebecca b.1746 - clearly a family name. The original immigrants to Essex, MA was George Abbott (1587-1647 Rowley, MA) and sons George & Thomas ( see Descendants of George Abbott, of Rowley, Mass..." on Ancestry.com. ). I find over a dozen descendants of George Abbott are DNA matches to me, with the most thru Nathaniel, father of Joshua. In addition, the Abbott's of Abbott Shipping Line in Baltimore also descend from this line.

Numerous matches to descendants of Chandler's associated with Abbott's also, but George Abbott of Andover, MA was a different person. It's possible most trees are simply mistaken about which one they descend from.

Numerous DNA matches to descendants of Thomas Chenoweth b.1720 Baltimore, MD, especially his son William. All these Chenoweth's went to Ohio like the McRoberts/Abbott's.

Very curious coincidences:
Name: William Abbot
Probate Date: 7 Dec 1813
Probate Place: Hamilton, Ohio, USA
Inferred Death Year: Abt 1813
Inferred Death Place: Ohio, USA
Item Description: Administration and Guardian Appointments, 1791-1847
Details from abstract: Admx Mrs. Elizabeth Abbot. Bond $400. Sec David Dunseth & Ezekiel McAuley. Apprs: Jonathan Pitman, Joseph Harris, James Patterson.
"see probate entries no.1 p 229" [ 1. p is not clear. No probate found here - http://sites.rootsweb.com/~ohhamilt/Hamilton%20Co%20will%20abstracts%201791-1850%20date%20order.pdf ]
[kdd: There's a probate record in Hamilton Co, OH from Dec 6 1813 appointing Elizabeth Abbot administrator for William Abbot deceased. That is suspicious. I thought Elizabeth was most likely Rebecca's mother's name. Rebecca was said to be orphaned at 4 , coincidentally 1809 + 4 = 1813. Thomas, then William, were Rebecca's brothers, and in typical naming convention, 1st son is mother's father, 2nd son is father's father, ergo, William would be Rebecca's father.
Witnesses: David Dunseth & Ezekiel McAuley
Appraisers: Jonathan Pitman, Joseph Harris, James Patterson
David Dunseth of Cincinnati married Margaret Campbell. Ezekial McAuley m. Mary Skillman d.1849 Cincinnati. Lives in Sycamore, Hamilton, OH - a Joseph Abbott of same age there too. Jonathan Pittman & James Patterson of Sycamore, OH. ]
"Abstract of Book 1 and Book A, probate record 1791-1826, Hamilton County, Ohio" pg 53 ( ancestry.com )
An "Elizabeth Abbott" married "Robert Reed" 29 Jul 1819 in Hamilton Co, OH. This would not match the lore about Rebecca being orphaned.

Possible connections in Maryland Chancery Court collection:
109: Daniel Akers, Harrison Aker, James Saunders, and Sarah Saunders vs. Samuel Abbott, Thomas Abbott, and William Abbott. DO, TA. Estate of William Akers - Bullen, Addition to Bullen in TA and lot in Cambridge in DO.
Accession No.: 17,898-109-1/2 MSA S512-1- 120 Location: 1/35/5/
- and -
63: Ann Abbott. TA. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 612.
Accession No.: 17,898-63 MSA S512-1- 59 Location: 1/35/5/
[kdd: DO = Dorchester Co, TA = Talbot Co. In 1800 Census of Dorchester, Daniel appears to be son of William Akers. 30 hh's away, is Samuel Abbott, 16-26 years old. Close to Samuel Abbott is Grace Porter - "Nancy Porter's" mother-in-law?]

Name Birth Date Death Date
Abbott, daughter #1
Abbott, daughter #2
Abbott, Thomas1793?
Abbott, William1800
Abbott, Rebecca1809-02-111874-06-22