Abbott, Rebecca

Birth Name Abbott, Rebecca
Gender female
Age at Death 65 years, 4 months, 11 days


1830 census says 20-30 yrs old
1840 census says 30-40 yrs old
1850 census says born 1810 MD
1860 census says born 1806 MD
1870 census says born 1801 DE (cannot read or write)

Her tombstone appears to me to say born Feb 11, 1803 instead of 1809. Lucie thinks so too -

Vonnie McRobert Wilson's notes via Betty Rode:
Rebecca Abbott connected to Abbott Ship Lines out of Baltimore. Her grandmother leased land to city of Baltimore for 99 years. Rebecca Abbott had a short flat-head. Rebecca's mother died when she was young, and she was raised by her mother's sister Nancy Porter. She had 2 brothers, Thomas and William, and 2 sisters. Rebecca is said to be related to the Chenoweth and Calvert families of Baltimore.
[kdd: Mother died possibly when Rebecca was 3 or 4...]
[from Greg Bender: William Abbott born in 1800; married in Cincinnati; perhaps associated with Jeremiah Abbott of Mill Creek township, Baltimore, MD] [kdd: probably means Mill Creek, Hamilton Co, OH where Jeremiah Abbott 26-45 with son and wife live in 1820 Census]
[kdd: Thomas Harrison started this practice in 1750, Fell and other families followed. Quote from Chenoweth Site:
"In 1806, for purposes not explained, the Chenoweth family heirs leased the estate, supposedly in its entirety, to the city and/or the county of Baltimore for 99 years. Of course, by the end of this 99 year lease period in 1905, the property would have had an immense worth, estimated by some to be at least $600 million. Therefore, around the turn of the century, there was much activity from the Chenoweth family heirs to recover either the property or its equivalent worth. It has been asserted that, because of the possible legitimacy of the claims, that "those in power" managed to remove all evidence of the lease and the Chenoweth family involvement with it. This, it is said, is the reason, or at least another of the reasons, why documentation concerning John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert was never found." The lease claim appears to be apocryphal - ]

===> possibly illegitimate.

Note William Louis McRoberts biography. The Abbotts were from Maryland.

There is a Nancy Porter head of household in 1830 Maryland > Worcester > District 2 (40-49 yrs old)
Another Nancy Porter b.1774 in Baltimore, MD living in Moses Smith boat captain's hh

possible matches for Nancy Porter:
Elijah Porter Male 19 Jan 1798 Nancy Spears Baltimore
Levin Porter Male 24 Aug 1799 Nancy Moore Dorchester
McKemmy Porter Male 18 Jul 1797 Nancy Parker Worchester
Purnell Porter Male 21 Jul 1812 Nancy Hammond Worchester
Samuel Porter Male 19 Nov 1822 Nancy Parker Worchester
Woolman Porter Male 16 Dec 1808 Nancy Robinson Talbot

for her mother:
John Abbott Male 16 Dec 1790 Jane Bartly Baltimore
John Abbott Male 12 July 1798 Anne Little Maryland
William Abbott Male 11 Jan 1798 Priscilla Forman Maryland
William Abbott Male 21 May 1807 Rachel Conaway Baltimore
Jacob Henderson Male 25 Nov 1800 Elizabeth Abbott Worchester


Chenoweth descendants who married Porters are in Jefferson Co, KY coincidentally next to Hardin Co , KY where McRoberts were in 1820-1823. David probably met Rebecca there. In Jefferson Co, Nicholas Brent Porter (1763-1835) who married Nancy Hall (1776-1835).
Series of odd coincidences:
1) Nicholas & Nancy died in "Mill Creek, IN".
2) Nicholas Porter's grandmother was a Calvert.
3) Nancy Hall's father David Hall born in MD but came to KY before 1788
4) David Hall's wife Henrietta Underwood had a grandmother named Rebecca Chambers.
5) Nancy Porter moved to Washington Co, IN; Nancy had a granddaughter named Rebecca
6) Nancy Hall Porter had a sister Mary who died in 1815. (One tree claims she married Alexander King, w/o sources. A Molly Hall d/o David Hall married Alexander King in Jefferson Co, KY 1796 )
7) Nicholas s/o Nicholas & Mary Brent. James Abbott marries Ann Brent d/o Ann Brent in 1800 Nelson Co, KY ( formed from Jefferson; Bullitt Co straddles the border between Jefferson & Nelson, except this couple has a large family in Henry Co, KY till 1836 )

(bizarre coincidence? Rebekah Porter b.1815 marries Jesse Elliot in Washington Co, IN 1832, this Rebecca Elizabeth Porter said to be d/o Collison Porter and Nancy Boston b.1778 MD )

Also 3 Chenoweth's in Hardin in 1820:
Isaac Chenoweth 1789 KY - 1858 Hardin Co, KY
Miles Chenoweth 1791 KY - 1845 MO (Isaac & Miles were sons of William Chenoweth & Mary Van Meter)
(also Abraham, their brother, in Jefferson Co, KY 1820)
Arthur Chenoweth 1753 VA - 1829 IN (son of John Chenoweth & Mary Smith)

Possible brothers from family trees:
Thomas Abbott b. 21 Sep 1818 Baltimore, MD
Thomas J Abbott b. 24 Feb 1801 MD

Edwin Abbott (brother Horace, father Alpheus) moved from MA to Baltimore in 1836 becoming a famous shipper (first US Commissioner of Shipping). He had a great aunt named Rebekah Abbott, but no evidence these Abbott's were in MD 1809.

Curious timing -
"Abbott, Jeremiah (Pomfret) Ded at Pomfret on 11th of Feb. last, Mr. Jeremiah Abbott, aged 45 years. (not iced Monday, 11 March, 1811) " writting by Alden Spooner in 1811.

If she descends from Chenoweth/Calverts of MD , would be related to this line -
Note Richard Chenoweth + Martha Smith moved to Pick Co, OH and then Tippecanoe, IN and also had a daughter Rebecca in 1797


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1809-02-11 MD alternate: tombstone says born Feb 11 1803  
Death 1874-06-22 Washington Township, Gibson Co, IN    
Event Note

Frances Cemetary

Burial   Washington Township, Gibson Co, IN France Cemetery  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Abbott, William?
Mother , Elizabeth?about 1813
    Brother     Abbott, Thomas 1793?
    Brother     Abbott, William 1800
    Sister     Abbott, daughter #1
    Sister     Abbott, daughter #2
         Abbott, Rebecca 1809-02-11 1874-06-22


Family of McRoberts, David and Abbott, Rebecca

Married Husband McRoberts, David ( * 1805-12-05 + 1870-04-06 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1827-08-26      
Event Note

People have variously said MD, NY, and Cincinnati, but I think they were most likely married in Kentucky. Altho records appear in early Cincinnati marrages - - for marriage of David's brother and sister, they do not show his. Note David McRoberts was in Mill Creek, OH in 1826 (Tax List) before he married Rebecca.

Browsing the Hamilton Co, Ohio marriage records (LDS), there appears to be a gap between Aug 11, 1827 and Oct 2, 1828 ( both on the same page ).

Gil Stormont's History of Gibson County, Indiana... says this in biography of Rev William L McRoberts, their son:
"Rev. McRoberts' father removed from the Empire state to Ohio after marrying and settled near Cincinnati. In1840 he left the Queen City and, with his family, came down the Ohio river to Evansville, Indiana, from which point they came overland to Washington township, Gibson county, and here the father purchased land. A younger brother here joined them, he having come from Cincinnati with the horses, driving them through over the rough trails and primitive roads of the time." , implying they were married in NY.


1826-1834 Millcreek, OH Tax Assessment
1830 Millcreek, Hamilton Co, OH
1840 onward - Washington, Gibson Co, IN
(in 1850 census looks like "David M Roberts"

Name Birth Date Death Date
McRoberts, David1828-08-091828-08-30
McRoberts, Elizabeth1829-09-131829-10-09
McRoberts, Nancy Ann1830-06-081830-08-21
McRoberts, Lucy Ann1832-01-011911-11-05
McRoberts, Willard1834-10-311834
McRoberts, William Louis1837-08-081921-04-28
McRoberts, Alexander David1840-09-141912-02-19
McRoberts, Reuben Olds1844-06-241891-05-23
McRoberts, Artimus Barnard1847-05-161913-03-06
McRoberts, Cynthia Lucetta1848-08-051849-05-10
McRoberts, Martha Jane1850-04-051851-07-17
McRoberts, Marinda Ellen1851-07-001938-09-11