Collins, Thomas

Birth Name Collins, Thomas
Gender male
Age at Death about 70 years


Thomas Collins is a Miller in the Census.

Another Thomas Collins "age 43" in the 1851 (b.1809 Ireland) of Winchester, Dundas, Ontario also says he is a Miller. Winchester Mill is mentioned (pg 5) by the Census taker. Perhaps it is the same person.

There is a Thomas Collins in Achonry, Moylough, Sligo, Ireland Tithe Applotment Books, 1827.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1804 Sligo, Ireland alternate source - 1801  
Event Note

1808 in the 1851 census. 1804 in 1861 Census. 1804 in 1871 Census. 1797 inferred from tombstone transcription:

COL 114 COLLINS [stone is on ground in 5 pieces – unreadable – earlier transcription says:]
Thomas Collins 1874 age 77 yrs 4 months
His wife Ann Aug 21, 1881 age 72 years

Death 1874 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada    
Event Note

Immigration 1841   Ireland to Ontario  
Event Note

based on sons reported immigration.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Collins, William?
Mother (Collins), Margaret?
    Brother     Collins, John 1798 1883-05-10
    Brother     Collins, William 1798 1870-08-00
         Collins, Thomas about 1804 1874


Family of Collins, Thomas and Robinson, Mary Ann

Married Wife Robinson, Mary Ann ( * 1809 + before 1842 )

Note 2 other siblings of Daniel Myers also married related Collins.

I could be wrong about Mary Ann Robinson and Ann Christie being different persons. Note Thomas had son "Robinson Collins" in 1845 after he would have married Ann Christie. Perhaps she had first married a Mr. Christie before marrying Thomas Collins. William Collins
death cert says son of Thomas Collins and Annie Christie.

Thomas and Ann Collins in Williamsburg, Dundas Co, Ontario, Canada 1851 with these children but note different ages -
Thomas b.1808 Ireland. Ann b.1813 Ann stays with him thru 1871, so conclude Mary was 1st wife and died before Margaret.

See the other Collins family in Osnabrook also from Sligo Co, Ireland - John Collins and Elizabeth Bradshaw:
Note the Bradshaw's also came from Armagh, Ireland.

Who is this? In Ontario land patents for Dundas:
COLLINS Mary Dundas 1835 117 C 19 13 RG 1 L3 C-1728

Name Birth Date Death Date
Collins, Robert Ashmore1831-05-281908-02-21

Family of Collins, Thomas and Christie, Ann

Married Wife Christie, Ann ( * about 1811 + 1881-08-21 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1842 Finch, Stormont, Ontario, Canada probably  
Event Note

An odd marriage between Thomas Collins and Anne Christy in Armagh, Ireland 1829. Besides being the wrong year, no children before 1843 in the 1851 Census. Thomas' wife was probably related to the other Christie's in Williamsburg who came from County Antrim, Ireland.


Two families are from Janice Casselman <>, but note the dates don't seem very likely

Some trees note marriage of Thomas Collins and Anne Christie in 1829 Armagh, Ireland. Some Christie's in Dundas, Ontario descend from Robert Christie b.1796 Armagh, Ireland. Robinson neighbors in Williamsburg also came from Armagh. It's true there were numerous Collins in Armagh but they all seem to be Catholic. Also seems unlikely they would have no children before 1842.

Ann must be his 2nd wife, and most of the children attribute to Mary Ann Robinson are hers. In 1851, Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario:
Thomas 44 Ireland
Ann 39 Ireland
Margaret 9 Finch
William 8 Williamsburg
Robinson 7 "
Thomas 4 "
Ann 1 "
all in "Church of England"

All still there in 1861 + Mary and Edmund.

Marriage of Margaret Collins and George Merkie gives her parents as Thomas and Ann.
Death Cert of William says parents Thomas Collins and Annie Christie.

Thomas is a miller in the 1851 Census. He could have first settled in Finch to work the mills there:
"Situated on the Payne River, this stream was named in honour of Allan Glen Payne, one of the township’s first four settlers. Using the waterpower from the river, Jerry Merkley, Mrs. H. McMonagle and Mrs. Gordon Ouderkirk built local mills."

A strange entry for a Charles Collins in Tecumseth, Simcoe, Ontario:
Charles Collins 21 1844 County Clare Thomas Collins Ann Collins Margaret Irwin 22 1843 Albion William Irwin Margaret Irwin 20 Apr 1865 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Name Birth Date Death Date
Collins, Margaret1843-07-201927-04-29
Collins, William1843-10-101922-01-01
Collins, Robinson1845
Collins, Thomas18481879
Collins, Ann1851-02-021887-05-17
Collins, Mary Jane1854-07-221928-08-11
Collins, Edmond1857-07-211920-07-30