Davenport, Earl Voiley

Birth Name Davenport, Earl Voiley
Call Name Voiley
Birth Name Voiley V
Gender male
Age at Death 59 years, 4 months


death cert for "Earl V Davenport". Kato Lee Davenport believes this is Uncle Voiley, who is also called "Voiley V Davenport"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1883-08-29 De Soto, Logansport, LA   1
Death 1942-12-29 Longview, TX   1
Burial   De Soto, Logansport, LA Mt Olivet Cemetery?  
Event Note

death cert says "Oak Grove, Logansport"


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, William Kato18501899-10-15
Mother Jones, Martha E.18561893
    Sister     Davenport, Bertha Beatrice 1876-08-09
    Sister     Davenport, P J 1877
    Sister     Davenport, Lena Kato 1878
    Brother     Davenport, T James 1879-12-23 1907-09-30
    Brother     Davenport, Lee Roy 1882-05-07 1950-01-21
         Davenport, Earl Voiley 1883-08-29 1942-12-29


Family of Davenport, Earl Voiley and Hatcher, Rosa Elizabeth

Married Wife Hatcher, Rosa Elizabeth ( * 1892-09-09 + 1972-01-16 )


Home in 1940: Gregg, Texas