Harmon, John 1a

Birth Name Harmon, John
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 1 month, 12 days


History of Springfield Vol II pg. 93: John appointed overseer of a company of workers at the highways. John Harmon for "Ye way up the long hill over ye Mill River."
Harmons in Springfield Cemeteries (my files John 052): There are only three identified descendants of John (1) Harmon (1617-1661) of Springfield buried in Springfield Cemetery, 171 Maple Street, Springfield, MA. They are: John (3) (1678-1742), son of John (2)
John (4) (1716-1769), son of John (3)
Hannah (4) (1712-1738), daughter of John (3)
According to the records of the Springfield cemetery association, all remains in the old burying grounds in downtown Springfield were removed to the present Springfield cemetery in 1848 and reinterred in Row 1. The above three descendants of John (1) were apparently the only Harmons that could be identified in their initial resting place by marker or stone, and were reinterred at the end of Row 1 in the last plot, identified in cemetery records as #1-111. To the right of #1-111 is a plot approximately 20' x 20' containing the following marker:
"Within These Four Monuments are the remains of unknown dead removed from the Old Burial Places in 1848."
Following is a 1998 correspondence with rmBishop@aol.com (Robert M. Bishop, 311 E. Walnut St. Avon Park, FL 33825:
"John Harmon Sr.--our ancestor--was a mariner who sailed on the ship Bachelor from London to Boston in August 1835 seeking employment in the colonies. ......
John Harmon Jr.--our ancestor--and his wife, Mary Dorchester, remained in Springfield where both were born, 1641 and abt 1645, respectively. They were married 7 Jan 1668/9. We have data on four children. Page 160 of Harmon Genealogy (by Artemus Harmon) should be consulted for the others. The first four children were: Sarah b. 14 Oct 1669; d. 13 Nov 1673; Mary b. 23 Oct 1671, m. 26 May 1696 Zachariah; Sarah b. 1 Feb 1765/6; John b. 2 Mar 1677/8 m. 22 Jun 1710 Hannah Sexton, d. 12 Oct 1742; and our ancestor, Elizabeth b. 3 Dec 1680; m. 26 Mar 1706 Caleb Munson, d. 11 Feb 1739. John and Mary died within a few days of each other in Feb 1711/12."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1641     2a 1b
Death 1712-02-13 Springfield,Hampden,Massachusetts    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Harmon, John16171661-03-07
Mother , Elizabeth1609/16171699-05-16
         Harmon, John 1641 1712-02-13
    Brother     Harmon, Samuel 1643 1677-09-07
    Sister     Harmon, Sarah 1644/5-01-24 (Julian) 1740-10-31
    Brother     Harmon, Joseph 1646/7-01-04 (Julian) 1729-10-28
    Sister     Harmon, Elizabeth 1649-04-15 1652-06-07
    Sister     Harmon, Mary 1651-11-12 1715-10-05
    Brother     Harmon, Nathaniel 1653/4-03-13 (Julian) 1712-05-02
    Brother     Harmon, Ebenezer 1657-08-12 1660-08-07


Family of Harmon, John

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1668-01-07 Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts   3a
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        John was born prior to the arrival of his parents in Springfield. He could have been born at Roxbury, Massachusetts.

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