Harmon, Joseph 1a

Birth Name Harmon, Joseph
Birth Name Joseph, Captain
Gender male
Age at Death 82 years, 9 months, 14 days


Artemus Harmon book p. 159

Ancestral File lists his wife as three different persons, each spelled differently: Hannah Philly; Hannah Philley; and Hannah Fille. Each of these names is one and the same person with variant spellings.

Genealogical and Family History of Western New York Vol 2. Film 6,046,620
"Joseph, third son of John and Elizabeth Harmon, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, "11 mon. 4 day 1646," and died in Suffield, Connecticut, October 28, 1729, aged nearly eighty-three years. In December 1664, upon the request of Anthony Dorchester, there was granted by the town of Springfield to his own and to his wife's sons thrity acres of land each. Joseph was one of those who received one of these portions of thirty acres. In 1675 Samuel and Joseph Harmon were two of several persons desiring grants of land at, towards or about Stony River on the west side of the great river toward Windsor; and the selectmen granted to the Harmons, "30 acres of land apiece there and six acres of wet meadow." Joseph Harmon's place in the church was "in ye south side at ye upper end of the Backer seate." in 1662-63. In 1670 Samuel and Joseph Harmon were required to furnish one load as their part of the minister's wood. Samuel and Joseph Harmon seem to have been successful hunters; on the town books, among similar entries of date January 11, 1668, are the following: "To Samuel and Joseph Harmon for killing 6 wolves this Summer past 3 pounds." December 1670, "To Samuel and J. Harmon for killing 4 wolves 2 pounds." January 14, 1670, the settlement of Suffield, Connecticut, was begun by the grants of land to Samuel and Joseph Harmon, Benjamin Parsons and others, says Burt in his "History of Springfield." D. W. Norton in his "Statement at the Bi-Centennial Celebration of the Town of Suffield October 12, 1870, states that the settlement of the town was begun in 1670." John Lewis, Esq., at the same
place says, "Unfortunately, no documents have yet been discovered, that definately state the time, place, and circumstance of the first settlement of Suffield...While it is quite certain that the Harmons were the pioneers of the town, and that they came here in 1670, the exact date of the settlement is not known. In 1669, the selectmen of Springfield assumed authority to form and
direct the settlement of Springfield. They made several grants of land, and among others to Samuel and Joseph Harmon, who it is thought in the following summer, took up their abode on the Northampton road, in the vicinity of Stony Brook." This was about one mile west of High Street to West Suffield. Joseph Harmon married Hannah Philley, or Fille, in Southfield, Massachusetts, now
Suffield, Connecticut, January 22, 1674. She was born in Windsor, Connecticut July 3, 1653, and died in Suffield August 28, 1729, aged 76. They had ten children. This history continues with Nathaniel, their tenth child.

The following was copied in Suffield by Juanita Price. The Author is unknown: Hastings Hill Road--West Side: Joseph Harmon--Nathaniel Harmon--John Harmon

These farms must be taken together, although the farm of John Harmon belongs rather to the History of Mountain Road. We start with the norther-most grants on Hasings Hill Road and with the farm of Joseph Harmon:
1683: Laid out to Joseph Harmon--a home lot of 15 acres more or less bounding NW on his own meadow and SW on the land of Nathaniel Harmon.
1683: Laid out to Joseph Harmon--7 acres of Meadow on Muddy Brook. It bounded E on the meadow belonging to the widow Jeffries (which later belonged to the Old farm) and W. o nthe meadow of Nathaniel Harmon.
1683: Liad out to Joseph Harmon--4 acres of upland adjoining his meadow and on the North or Northerly side thereof, for the conveniencey of fencing. It bounds NW next to Nathaniel Harmon and on the SE and SW corners are on his own meadow.
1699: Laid out to Joseph Harmon--7 acres bounding on the S of his own home lot in Old Street and W on his own meadow; E--Mr. Youngglove.
1699> Laid out to Joseph Harmon--3 acres north of Muddy Brook. It is a triangular piece bounding E on his own meadow and two W corners bound on Nathaniel Harmon.
This made a home lot of 36 acres. Joseph Harmon was one of the first settlers of Suffield. Undoubtedly he had land prior to these grants.

In West Suffield Cemetery, there is a Harmon Monument erected by Israel Harmon 3rd. Plot B-40

Referred to as Captain Joseph in Suffield Records.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1646/7-01-04 (Julian) Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts   2a 3a
Death 1729-10-28 Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut    
Burial   West Suffield Cemetery, Suffield, Connecticut    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Harmon, John16171661-03-07
Mother , Elizabeth1609/16171699-05-16
    Brother     Harmon, John 1641 1712-02-13
    Brother     Harmon, Samuel 1643 1677-09-07
    Sister     Harmon, Sarah 1644/5-01-24 (Julian) 1740-10-31
         Harmon, Joseph 1646/7-01-04 (Julian) 1729-10-28
    Sister     Harmon, Elizabeth 1649-04-15 1652-06-07
    Sister     Harmon, Mary 1651-11-12 1715-10-05
    Brother     Harmon, Nathaniel 1653/4-03-13 (Julian) 1712-05-02
    Brother     Harmon, Ebenezer 1657-08-12 1660-08-07


Family of Harmon, Joseph

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1673/4-01-22 (Julian) Southfield, , Massachusetts   3b
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