Davenport, Sarah Alice

Birth Name Davenport, Sarah Alice
Call Name Allie
Gender female
Age at Death 67 years, 6 months, 23 days


from http://www.jchistoricalsociety.org/reel56.html
Deposition taken: 30 June 1894 at the residence of S. S. Hufhines in Jackson Co. TN.
I am 23 years old. I live in Jackson Co. TN.
[My maiden name was] Davenport.
Quest. Did you live at Martha Carver's at the time that M. H. Draper rented or leased the land of Martha Carver?
Ans. Yes, Sir.
Sarah Alice Hufhines [her mark]


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1869-01-29 Jackson, TN    
Death 1936-08-21      
Burial   Draper Cemetery, Wartrace Creek, Jackson Co., TN, USA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, Joseph Burr1850-01-00between 1917 and 1920
Mother Minchey, Sarah Elizabeth1849before 1879
         Davenport, Sarah Alice 1869-01-29 1936-08-21
    Sister     Davenport, Elizabeth Ann 1871 after 1930
    Brother     Davenport, Cornelius Jackson 1873-10-23 1949-08-11
    Brother     Davenport, Richard Andrew 1875-08-29 1932-08-15
    Sister     Davenport, Elizabeth Jane 1877-09-11 1926-02-16


Family of Huffines, Miles J. and Davenport, Sarah Alice

Married Husband Huffines, Miles J. ( * 1865-02-04 + 1937-04-20 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1887-01-18 Jackson, TN   1a

did not have children

Source References

  1. Jackson County Court Clerk: Jackson County, TN Marriage Certificates Index
      • Page: Roll #26 Volume #3 October 1886 - December 1887
      • Source text:

        Milis Hufhines Alice Devenport Jan 18, 1887 Page 82