Witcher, Tandy K

Birth Name Witcher, Tandy K
Gender male
Age at Death more than 75 years, 11 months


Timothy Irwin has name as Tandy K Witcher


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1824-02-00 Smith Co, TN    
Death after 1900      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Witcher, Booker1786
Mother Jenkins, Rachael Sally1787
    Brother     Witcher, Martin 1813
    Brother     Witcher, Daniel 1816
    Brother     Witcher, Benjamin 1815
    Sister     Witcher, Isabella 1817
         Witcher, Tandy K 1824-02-00 after 1900
    Brother     Witcher, Booker 1825 after 1880
    Brother     Witcher, William 1828
    Sister     Witcher, Sally 1834
    Sister     Witcher, E G 1837
    Sister     Witcher, Louvina 1839


Family of Witcher, Tandy K and Davenport, Sarah

Married Wife Davenport, Sarah ( * 1830 + after 1880 )

family is on WorldConnect (Timothy Irwin database)

Married and lived in Jackson County, TN
Moved to Allen Co, KY by 1855
Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953, has James & John, father and mother as Tandy WItcher and Sallie Davenport from TN
Also has William's parents as Tandy Witcher and Sarah Davenport.

Sarah (married Tandy) and Sarena (married Booker) must be sisters - both marry Witchers and both families move to Allen County, KY. Note from Nadine: " Sarah Witcher Pendergrass told my mom that Sarena was a Davenport and Sallie was Sarenas sister...[her] GG-Grandfathers DC it list Sarena Davenport as mothers maiden name"

1880: Scottsville, Allen Co, KY

Name Birth Date Death Date
Witcher, James G W1846-01-161932-09-24
Witcher, Susannah1849
Witcher, Harriett F1855
Witcher, John Buchannon1857-02-181923-05-21
Witcher, Henry Beverlly1859between 1904 and 1910
Witcher, William Fletcher1862-10-131950-06-18