Woods, Elizabeth

Birth Name Woods, Elizabeth
Gender female


researcher Cecilia linda L Fabosbecker (becker@sprintmail.com) says identity of "Elizabeth Worsop" is a mistake:
"A Sir John Woods of Dunshaughlin castle was married to a cousin of his, named Elizabeth _Woods_ and had several children. Michael, his sister Elizabeth (married to a Wallace, believed to be named Peter), and several brothers were among them. The descendants of Michael Woods' uncle, Thomas, still live at Milverton Hall, Skerries in Ireland, just north of Dublin,--not northern Ireland better known as Ulster. Dunshaughlin castle is in ruins, but still has gardens that are a popular tourist stop."
"Sir John Woods, who married his cousin Elizabeth (same surname) had a brother named Thomas who married Margaret O'Hara of Kildare. It is his descendants who first lived at Winter Lodge and then at Milverton Hall, Skerries. According to a researcher from New Mexico, Woods descendants still lived at Milverton Hall in the early 1980's."
"Elizabeth Woods was a daughter of Thomas Woods of Dunshaughlin and Elizabeth Parsons of the infamous Parsons of Birr Castle. (Birr Castle still stands, by the way.) They were married in County Meath in 1661."
"We're still looking for more records of Sir John and his wife Elizabeth both surnamed Woods. We have reason to believe they were married in 1689."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1656-11-15 Dublin, Ireland    
Christening 1656-11-17      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Woods, Thomas1630
Mother Parsons, Elizabeth1633
         Woods, Elizabeth 1656-11-15


Family of Woods, John and Woods, Elizabeth

Married Husband Woods, John ( * 1654 + 1722-03-09 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage between 1677 and 1681 Ireland Marriage of Woods, John and Worsop, Elizabeth  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Woods, John1678
Woods, Elizabethbetween 1682 and 16841747
Woods, Michael16841762-06-11
Woods, William1686
Woods, James1688
Woods, Andrew16901756-08-00