Woods, Michael 1

Birth Name Woods, Michael
Gender male
Age at Death 78 years, 5 months, 10 days


Michael Woods:

!BIOGRAPHY: The American Gen. Research Institute. THE WOODS FAMILY. (Arlington,
VA:Author, 1973)
p. 36. Michael Woods: born 1684, died 1762; emigrated from England to PA in
1725; moved to VA in 1732 and settled in Albemarle Co in 1734; married to
Lady Mary Campbell; had a son Richard.
p. 86. Descendants of Michael Woods, who was born in Ireland of English parents
and came to America in 1721 to settled in Lancaster, PA, with his wife Mary
Campbell, dau of the Duke of Argyll.

Vol. 3, Issue 2, August 1974.
Pedigree chart of Mrs Elmer Anderson, 520 South 3rd Ave, Walla Walla, WA
Vol. 6, August 1976.
p. 52. Pedigree chart of Sue Nite Raguzin, 5008 Briarbrook, Dickinson, TX
Vol. 10. 1978.
Pedigree chart of Mrs Ben J Lamb Jr, 129 N. Kingston Ave., Rockwood, TN

Vol. 6, Issue 2 - July 1978.
"Albemarle Co., VA Wills, 1748-1800"
B/129 -- Michael Woods' will, dated 24 Nov 1761 - proven 11 Jun 1762. Sons:
Archibald and John, and daughter Hannah and Margaret's (deceased) children;
children of William Wallace. Son William Woods; daughter Sarah; Grandson
Michael, son of Archibald. Executors: sons Archibald adn John Woods and
William Wallace. Wit.: Michael Woods and Michael Wallace.
Vol. 9, Issue 1, Jan. 1981.
Query of Beverely Wolfe Chickering, 1781 Standley St., Longwood, FL 32750.
Vol. 9, Issue 2, July 1981.
"Ancestry of Dr. Peter Cavanaugh Woods, Pioneer Physician of Hays County,
Texas" by Roy E Gibson, 4517 Coffee Road, Ft Worth, TX 76117.

!RESEARCHER: Carol Mallicoat file 15 Sep 1984.
Michael Woods, son of John Woods, was born in Ulster, northern Ireland, in
1684. In about 1705 he went to Scotland to claim as his bride the
Lady Mary Campbell, dau of James Campbell and Susan Campbell. Lady Mary was
of the Royal House of the Duke of Argyle and of the famous Campbell Clan, on
of the most powerful clans in Scotland at that time. It has been noted in th
Woods history that Lady Mary was a child bride, only about 15 years of age a
her marriage. Her ancestry goes back through several kings of Scotland.
Michael and Lady Mary were the parents of ten children before they immigrate
to America in the decade of 1720. One more child was born in America.
Michael and Lady Mary first settled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where
Michael owned considerable property.
His name appears on the PA tax lists as early as 1734. They had a large
beautiful home in Lancaster, but under the stern hand of William Penn, the
Quaker, their religious freedom was not what they had sought, so they move
south into VA about 1732/3. They settled (1734) in what was later to become
Albemarle Co. (1744). They were among the first settlers in the Piedmont
Region in western Albemarle, and perhaps anywhere along the east foot of the
Blue Ridge Mountains in VA, their home was near the mouth of Woods Gap, as i
was later called. From 1734 to 1763, he and his family lived in a frontier
region constantly in danger of Indian outrages.
In 1737, his first investment in Goochland Co (now Albermarle) when he
received Crown grants totaling 1337 acres of land from King George II on
Mechum's River and the same day purchased 2000 acres more on the headwaters
of Ivy Creek.
One of their first acts, after settling in VA, was to build a magnificnet
home, called "The Barony", later called Blair park. He also began immediatel
to build a church, called Mountain Plains. One of the first Presbyterian
churches in VA. Michael died at his home in 11 Jun 1762, and was buried in
the family burial plot about 100 yards from his home. His tombstone was stil
standing until shortly before the Civil War, when it was destroyed, broken t
pieces and scattered, but a fragment was later found indicating the year of
his birth and death.
No record was ever found concerning Lady Mary's death, but is assume she
was dead before Jun 1762, probably as early as 1742.
Michael's will, on file in Albemarle County, mentions three sons:
Archibold, John and William, and three daughters: Sarah, the wife of Joseph
Lapsley, Hannah, the wife of William Wallace, and Margaret, the wife of
Andrew Wallace. Howver, according to credible evidence, Michael had three
more sons and two more daughters in addition to those mentioned in the will.
There were: Michael, Andrew and Richard, Magdalena and Martha. Magdalena,
probably the oldest, wa sborn in Ireland in 1705/6. She married John McDowel
before coming to America in 1737. She was twice more married in America, 2nd
to Ben'j Borden and 3rd to John Bowyer. Through these marriages she became
one of the wealthiest women in Virginia. She died at the age of 104.
Richard Woods married Janet ____. John Woods married Susannah Anderson.
Margaret married Andrew Wallace. Michael Jr., married Ann Lambert, (witness
Charles Lambert). William Woods married Susannah Wallace. Archibold Woods
married Esabella Goss (or Gass). Andrew Woods married Martha Wallace. Martha
Woods married Peter Wallace, Jr. (As stated previously, many of the Woods
married relatives in this raw new land. All the Wallaces mentioned above wer

!RESEARCHER: Odessa L Rosh file 9 Jun 1991.
Pedigree chart.
Michael Woods b. prior to 1685 county Meath, Ireland; d. 1762 Blair Park,
VA, md ca 1704/5 Ireland.
Lady Mary Campbell. no data.
Michael parents were John Woods and Elizabeth Worsop.
Letter to Odessa from Lester L Edlin, dated 23 Aug 1984:
Michael Woods and Mary Campbell were marrie din Ireland, and all of their
children were born in Ireland. Mary Campbell was of Scotch descend, Michael
Woods of English.
Michael's sister, Elizabeth Woods Wallace, widow of James Wallace, came to
the Colonies with her brother, she brought her family with her, several of
the Woods married their Wallace cousins.
Pedigree chart of Lester L Edlin. no date.
Michael Woods Sr (1685-1761 VA) and Mary Campbell

!ACTION: I need to read:
WOODS-WALLACE COUSIN CLUES by Ruth Petracek, published in 1973. (need to
copy more from this ref. found it in Ozarks Gen Soc Library, Springfield,
MO...Sep 1994...wei

p. 68. FGS of Michael Woods/Mary Campbell.
Michael Woods b bef 1685, d. 1761 Albemarle Co., VA; s/o John Woods??? and
Elizabeth Worsop??? md abt 1704 Mary Campbell, dau of Sir James Campbell**
and Lady Susan Campbell. She was presbyterian.
**This is speculation that Elizabeth's maiden name was Campbell.
Shows 11 children.

!RESEARCHER: Yvonne James Henderson (Daisy467@@aol.com) via AOL 3 Aug 1995.
Gedcom = Hend95.GED
Ahnentafel Chart...
274 Michael Woods-119 b bef 1684 Castle Dunshangl, Meath, Ireland; m 1704
Scotland; d 1761 Albemarle, VA
275 Mary Campbell-122 b 1680 Argylshire, Scotland; d 1761 Albemarle, VA;
546 John Woods
547 Elizabeth Worsop
548 Sir James Campbell
549 Susan Campbell
Descendants of John Woods/Isabella Bruce from GEDCOM.
Michael Woods b bef 1684 Castle Dunshangl, Meath, Ireland; d 1761
Albemarle Co., VA; m 1704 Scotland Mary, dau of Sir James Campbell and Susan
Campbell, b 1680 Argylshire, Scotland; d 1761 Albemarle Co., VA.

!RESEARCHER: Ann Holder Holmes file.
GEDCOM re Woods 26 June 1995.
3. Michael Woods Sr b ca 1684 Castle Dunshaugl, County Meade, Ireland; d ca
1762 Blair Park, Albemarle Co., VA; m c 1705 Scotland Mary Campbell, b
1690 Scotland?; d ca1742 Albemarle Co., VA.
ch: 12
Col. John
Michael Jr
Samuel NOTE: Only source showing this child.

!RESEARCHER: Bridgett Smith (TNVANV@aol.com) downloaded 25 Jan 1996 TNVANV.GED
from AOL.
"Descendants of Michael Woods"
2. Michael Woods b 1684 Dunshauglin Cast, Meath Co., Ireland; d 1762
Albemarle Co., VA; m abt 1700 Ireland Mary Campbell, b 1690 Argylshire,
Scotland, d 1765 Albemarle Co., VA. She d/o Sir James Campbell (d.
10/14/1756) 5th Baronet of Archinbrech and his 2nd wife Lady Susan (?nee
Campbell of Cowder. granddaughter of Duncan Campbell (Sir) and Harriett
ch: 10.
William - Archibald - Magdelen - Michael - Hannah - John - Margaret -
Richard - Martha - Andrew.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1684 Castle Dunshangl, Meath, , Ireland    
Death 1762-06-11 Albemarle Parish, Surry, VA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Woods, John16541722-03-09
Mother Woods, Elizabeth1656-11-15
    Brother     Woods, John 1678
    Sister     Woods, Elizabeth between 1682 and 1684 1747
         Woods, Michael 1684 1762-06-11
    Brother     Woods, William 1686
    Brother     Woods, James 1688
    Brother     Woods, Andrew 1690 1756-08-00


Family of Woods, Michael and Campbell, Lady_Mary

Married Wife Campbell, Lady_Mary ( * about 1690 + before 1762-06-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1705 Scotland Marriage of Woods, Michael and Campbell, Lady_Mary  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Woods, Magnalena
Woods, Samuel
Woods, Archibald1706-05-111768-12-11
Woods, Michael Jrabout 17071776-03-09
Woods, Hannah1710
Woods, John1712-02-191791-10-14
Woods, Margaret17141756
Woods, Richard17151779
Woods, William1715-11-021782-04-12
Woods, Martha17201790
Woods, Andrew17221781
Woods, Sarah17241792