Hale, John

Birth Name Hale, John
Gender male
Age at Death 69 years


John Haile was from Maryland. The estate records of Henry Crittendon contain receipts for services paid to Dr. John Haile (Essex co., Wills & Bonds 1722-1730, pg 78) as does the estate records of John Edmonson, Essex Co Will book 1735-1743, pps 184-193)

Several public records are available on John Haile of Essex Co. One is a deed dated July 10, 1703, important because it names his father, and interesting for the wild spelling. Deed from Records of Essex Co, No. 11. p. 29, abstract in Virginia Colonial Abstracts by Beverley Fleet., p. 461. "To all Exparince popell (Christian people) to whom these Presents shall com I John Haille of the County of Essex son and hare of Capt. Richard Haille Deceased send greeting". It is a deed transfer of 100 acres in King and Queen Co, being part of a greater tract granted "to my Father Cap't Richard Haille", lying part in King and Queen and part in Essex. Boundaries begin "at a Marked Whight oak standing upon a branch side that Iesweth out of Bevarley run that cometh out of Mattaponey river". It was sold to John Loveing for 2000 lb. of tobacco, signed John Haile, and witnessed by James Edmondson and Joseph Edmondson. Dated July 10, 1703. In 1705 he served with John MEADOR in an estate appraisal. He is mentioned in the estate administration of an orphan child of the Meador family between 1732/38 for repairing and building of houses for use of the orphan's plantation. His will, written Aug. 17, 1744, County of Essex and parish of Southfarnham, and proved Oct. 16, 1744, pages 214-16 Essex Co Wills.

On 1 Nov 1696, Richard Haile deeded 120 acres to his son John Haile, for love and affection, in Essex co., Virginia, that Richard had obtained by patent. recorded: 22 Nov 1697.

John must have been at least 21 years old in 1696 to be able to own land. On 27 Jul 1699, the estate of John Woods lists accounts and debts due to several persons, including 40 pounds to Capt. Richard Haile and 60 pounds to John Haile. Only John signed the document acknowledging the debt. On 10 Jul 1703 - John Haile, Jr deeded 100 acres in King and Queen co., Virginia, part in Essex co., Virginia "part of a tract granted to my father, Capt. Richard Haile" to John Loving for 2000 pounds of tobacco). In 1704, on rent roll for Essex co., Virginia charged with 900 acres. On 11 Jun 1706, Inventoried the estate of Simon Cobnell with James Fullterton, John Meador and John Gatewood. On 10 June 1708 - John Haile of Southfarnham Parish, Essex co., to Adam Denning of same. for 2700 pounds of tobacco. 252 acres in parish aforesaid... Beverley's Run... head of a small branch... Mr. Robert Beverley by Portobago path... James Boughan... John Loving's and William Alsup's... part of 720 acres, 450 part thereof granted to Theophilus Whale and Daniel Sullivant on 23 Sept 1674 and the residue being overplus in the bounds of the patent and now doth belong unto John Haile the only son and heire apparent unto Richard Haile.

signed John Haile.
witn: Salvator Muscoe, Richard Meaders.
10 June 1708 - Acknowledged by John Haile. Right of dower relinquished by Mary, his wife.
8 June 1708 - Livery and seizin granted. Witnesses: James Boughan, James Boughan, Jr.
10 June 1708 - bond of John Haile of Southfarnham Parish, Essex county, to Adam Denning to same. For 5400 pounds of tobacco. To keep all covenants in the deed.

signed John Haile.
witnesses: Salvator Muscoe, Richard Meader.
10 June 1708 - Acknowledged.

Sarah Fullerton made bond on 13 May 1714 for 155 pounds of tobacco with James Griffin. Signers of the bond were Sarah Fullerton, James Griffin, John Picket, John Haile, William Picket. On 16 Apr 1716 - John Haile witnessed the will of Benjamin Fisher, South Farnham Parish. On 10 Dec 1716, John Haile witnessed the will of Richard Dudley of South Farnham Parish. On 20 Apr 1724, John & Mary Haile sold 200 acres of land to John Edmondson. Part of the land was in Essex and part in King and Queen co. Land bounded on one side by land of Jonathan Haile. On19 Jul 1726 - John Haile, Thomas Meeder, William Allen inventoried the estate of Elizabeth Clinton. Thomas Bell, Admin. WITN: 17 Jul 1730 South Farnham Parish, Essex co., Virginia. On 17 Jul 1730 - John Haile witnessed will of Richard Gatewood of South Farnham Parish. Proven by John Haile and Thomas clinton 15 Sep 1730. On 18 Oct 1742 - John Haile for natural love and fatherly love deeds made to his three sons: to son John Haile, Jr - 100 acres of his tract of 400 acres. to son Thomas Haile, 120 acres of his 400 acre tract to son Benjamin Haile, 180 acres of his 400 acre tract.
Will of John Haile, dated 17 Aug 1744 in South Farnham Parish, Essex co., Virginia
"Undo my well beloved wife the use of all my real and personal estate during her life and widowhood and after the decease of my wife or at the day of her second marriage, to be equally divided amongst my six children now living: Francis Haile, John Haile, Thomas Haile, Benjamin Haile, Mary Edmondson and Susanna Allen. John Haile (son) executor. Witnesses: James Allen, Andrew Allen. recorded: 16 Oct 1744.

Will probated 16 Oct 1744. Estate Inventory 16 Oct 1744 Essex co., Virginia
Appraisal of Estate returned 16 Oct 1744. He lived in Essex co., Virginia


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1675 MD    
Death 1744 Essex, VA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hale, Richard16501708
Mother (Hale), Maryabout 1620
         Hale, John 1675 1744


Family of Hale, John and Fullerton, Mary

Married Wife Fullerton, Mary ( * 1678 + 1753-07-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1705      

Some trees on ancestry.com claim Francis Hale was s/o Nicholas Hale and Ann Long. Unsupported.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hale, Francis17241780