Young, Jonathan

Birth Name Young, Jonathan
Gender male


Michael Moore writes, "I believe that the Jonathan Young named on the voter list was the Jonathan Young who migrated to Morgan Co. (later Scott Co.), IL from Cumberland Co., KY about 1820-1824.His wife's name was Elizabeth Kinsey."

"Old Jonathan Young" and sons in here:

Family in Young Cemetery, Scott Co, IL:

Jonathan Young
Elizabeth Kinsey Young 1786–1859

Spouse - Elizabeth Deweese Young 1825–1916


Elmina Young Davis unknown–1864
Clarissa Chloe Young Nelson 1810–1880
Jesse Young 1812–1889
James Erwin Young 1817–1889
Campbell Young 1821–1916
Alexander Young 1826–1889
Ephraim Young 1828–1908

Children - Jacob B Young 1853–1903


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Young, Robertabout 1765between 1817 and 1819
         Young, Jonathan


Family of Young, Jonathan and Kinsey, Elizabeth

Married Wife Kinsey, Elizabeth ( * 1786 + 1859-05-15 )


  1. Young, Robert
    1. Young, Jonathan
      1. Kinsey, Elizabeth