McCrobert, John? 1

Birth Name McCrobert, John?
Gender male


Based upon nothing more than that he is the only McCrobert in the 1684 Parish Enumeration. At the time, Minnigaff may have been part of Wigtownshire. "John" is also frequent in our line.

Following is a variety of references to McCrobert's in the area since 1552:

Note here pg.26, explains Kirkinner was mislabelled and sent with Kirkcudbright lists. John McRobbert and Pat. McRobbert in Parish List of 1684 at farm "Little Arreise" (pg.31) Note that wives followed husbands in the lists (see Whithorn), and Bessie Aikin follows John McRobert. Jennet Kilpatrick follows Pat. McRobert. Also, sons follow fathers (John below Pat.)
Assuming Patrick McRoberts is the father of John:
1) John McRobert appears in the 1691 Hearth Tax List, but not Patrick. (Little Aries is next to the "Machars of Galloway" and just north of Whithorn).
2) In the 1684 List, Alexander, John live on Cotland Farm, next to Bladnoch, while Stephen McRobert lives in Torhouse (2 miles west of Bladnoch). They are all unmarried. Another John McRobert lives in Glenturke with "Jannet Doual"[McDoual in Cotland] following (and no children - might be married), 2 miles north of Bladnoch. In 1691 Hearth List, Alexander McRobert and Alexander McIlmine are living at Cotland.
3) No reference to Patrick McRobert at all in the OPR's (1694+). "Little Aries" is a small farm next to Knockeffrick, nw of Sorbie and 7 miles south of Bladnoch.
, and nice transcription with historical notes here. Note numerous McRoberts:

A dynamic google map I made of the locations of all McCrobert's in Kirkinner's earliest records:

Another McRobert in Dumfrieshire (north Galloway now) was the famous Covenanter Martyr "Andrew M'Robert"
story here -
Has a tombstone in Twynholm kirkyard: "Here lyes Andrew M'Robert, who was surprised and shot to death in the parish of Tongueland, bu Grier of Lagg, for his adherence to Scotland's Reformation Convenants, National and Solemn League, 1685"
These M'Roberts also signed the 22 Apr, 1638 Borgue Covenant:
Thomas M'Crobert
James M'Crobat
Wm. M'Crobat
Robert M'Robat

In the early OPR's there's a whole other McCrobert clan in Twynholm, Kirkudbright , probably related:
John, Robert, James, Thomas
, and James had a son Andrew 20 Apr 1699.

Mentioned in 1691-1695 Hearth Tax Records "John Mcrobert thr" (perhaps Glenturk, Wigtown) and "Alexander McRobert thr" (perhaps Cotland, Wigtown)[ same place as "Alexander Mcilmyne" ], and especially, "Payd of Dalreigles subt [subscriveit] List Thomas Crobert thr [there] " in Kirkinner Parish. "Stephen Crobert in Torhouse Culloch,"

Another official register in Latin shows "Jac. M'Crobert" in "Balmakcamble" 1609. (Some place in Kirkcudbright)

In Mochrum Park Charters 24 March 1552/3, Andrew Dunbar of Loch as heir...witness "Ninian McCrobert"
"Wigtownshire Charters" ed. R.C.Reid, Edinburgh, for the Scottish History Society, 1960.
In the same document, a reference to "Patrick McRogart smith" in 1537. Transcription error? 'smith occupation?
---> Mochrum Park is 5 miles west of Bladnoch:



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1650 Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McCrobert, Patrick
Mother Kilpatrick, Jennet
         McCrobert, John? about 1650
    Sister     McCrobert, Jennet about 1650


Family of McCrobert, John? and Aikin, Bessie

Married Wife Aikin, Bessie ( * + ... )

tentative family based on nothing more than LDS transcribed Parish records for Wigtown. Assuming all McCroberts are children of John. Janet McCrobert who married Patrick Rob 1608 was daughter of John:
"15 Jun 1708 Patrick Rob in Whitehorn of Whithorn and Janet McCrobert daughter to John McCrobert in Wigtown Parish.
She ---- Servitrix in Meikle Airies Kirkinner"

Wife could be Agnes -
"Agnes McCrobert to flitt and remove from ane ʒeard … and … decernes hir in xlviij s. restand of the ʒeard rent; 1671 Kirkcudbr. B. Rec. MS 25 Oct."
"Decernis John McCrobert and Thomas Bell to deliuer to William Fullartoun elder ane meikill pot quhilk thai ressauit for John Andersones ponie or ten merkis therfoir; 1613 Kirkcudbr. B. Rec" [Note the date!]

This marriage record in Kirkinner is probably another brother -
18 Feb 1703 William McCrobert and Margaret McCrobert19 Nov 1704 Thomas McRobert in Kilbrine and Janet Milmine A Lawful Daughter Janet

James McCrobert "of Wigton" who had daughter Rachel 5 Sep 1697 might be the oldest.

Name Birth Date Death Date
McCrobert, Jamesabout 1675
McCrobert, Thomasabout 1680
McCrobert, Stephenabout 1680
McCrobert, Williamabout 1680
McCrobert, Johnabout 1685
McCrobert, Janetabout 1690