Wilson, Mary

Birth Name Wilson, Mary 1
Gender female
Age at Death 65 years, 3 months, 21 days


arried- Col. William Roscow Wilson Curle, delegate in Convention for Norfolk borough, to Mrs. Lyon,relict of the late Walter Lyon, Esq., of Princess Anne county. No date. (p. 3, c. 1) Virginia gazette (Williamsburg, Va. : 1775) Friday, September 6, 1776: date of publication. (Library of Virginia digital records. )
Colonel William Wilson was for many years the presiding justice and most prominent personage of Elizabeth City County, being long the Royal Naval Officer of the Lower James, and a very wealthy planter. He it was who built "Ceelys" in 1706. He died in 1713, but his will was doubtless recorded in the General Court, whose archives were destroyed in the conflagration of 1865, so that a detailed disposition of his large estate can not now be had. His only son, Captain Willis, had died without issue in 1701. His daughter Mary (1675-1741) had first married William Roscon, with whom she lies buried under a handsome monument at Blunt Point, in Warwick. After his death, which occurred November 27, 1700, she did not long remain in weeds, but in April, 1702, commiserating the equally sad lot of a near neighbor, she bestowed her hand upon Colonel Miles Cary, of "Richneck," who had been bereaved at the same time, his wife, Mary Milner, having left him, "issueless," as her tombstone states, October 27, 1700. And just here, there is a romantie episode, which I intend writing up, growing out of the frantic proceedings of one Captain James Moody, of Her Majesty's man-of-war, Southampton, who madly, though a married man, contested the hand of the fair widow, with Colonel Cary. The latter, having the inside track, treated the would-be bigamist with contempt, and so overwhelmed him with ridicule, that in a bloody rage he sailed around to Yorktown, where the Governor and Court were in session, and despite the Governor's threat of irons, undertook to post Colonel Cary. The Governor and Council took down the proceedings and promptly complained of his outrageous conduct to the home government, and the reckless villain was forthwith removed to appease the indignation of the entire colony.(Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4. Volume II Chapter III The Cary Family. Wilson Cary of "Ceelys" and His Family)
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James Roscow was a son of William Roscow who was born in Chorley, Lancashire
England on 30 November 1664 and died on his estate at Blunt Point in Warwick
County Virginia 2 November 1700. James' mother was Mary Wilson. Mary was born
in October 1675 and died 11 January 1741. She was a daughter of Colonel
William Wilson of Elizabeth City County Virginia. William and Mary were
married about 1695.
There were five known children born to William and Mary:

1. James Roscow who married his cousin Jane Wilson.
2. Mary Roscow who married William Cole.
3. William Roscoe who married Lucy Bassett
4. Wilso Roscoe who married Euphan Wallace
5. Willis Roscoe who was born after his father's death and apparently died in

Mary Wilson Roscoe, the mother, married 2nd to Miles Cary. William and Mary
are buried togather at Blunt Point in what today is New Port News, Virginia.

James Roscow was The Receiver General of the Colony of Virginia from
1716-1723 and a member of the Assembly (House of Burgesses) from 1720-1722.

His brother, William Roscow, was also a member of the House of Burgesses from

The family was very prominent in the Virginia Colonial Govenment from the
late 1600's till the start of the American Revolutionary War. They were also
involved in ship ownership, shipping, and trading. They owned the large
plantation of Blunt Point on the James River in Warwick County Virginia
(today New Port News).


James R. Rasco

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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1675-10-00 Chorley, Lancashire, Lancashire, Eng   2a
Death 1740/1-01-11 (Julian) Louisa County, Va    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Wilson, William John16461741-06-17
Mother unknown, Jane1646
         Wilson, Mary 1675-10-00 1740/1-01-11 (Julian)


Family of Cary, Miles and Wilson, Mary

Unknown Partner Cary, Miles ( * + ... )

Family of Roscow, William and Wilson, Mary

Married Husband Roscow, William ( * 1664-11-30 + 1700-11-02 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1691      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Roscow, James
Roscow, William
Roscow, Wilson
Roscow, Willis
Roscow, Mary16941750

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