Thomas, William

Birth Name Thomas, William
Nick Name Will
Gender male
Age at Death between 65 years, 1 day and 71 years


Thomas's usually came from Wales, but if they came from York, they would be German.

Many tree's claim this William Thomas came from Buck Co, PA, but that cannot be since that William Thomas died in Buck Co, PA! I found no Thomas's associated with Diehl's in a search of York Co, PA records, but curiously, there is a Thomasville next to York township where the Diehl's lived. Unfortunately, no one knows the history or origins of Thomasville. A historical marker claims it was named after the first postmaster, "George B Thomas", in 1870.

Ann Jobe Brown's page -

"Will Thomas" in a court case Feb 1786, says where he lived.
"An old Virginia court : being a transcript of the records of the first court of Franklin County, Virginia, 1786-1789"
"Ord. the Tobias Miller be App'd Sur. of the Rd. from Little Creek to Maggotty Creek with the foll'g hands: Jacob Cradle, Rich'd Richards, Will Dodd, Ira Landes, Ro. West, Jno. French, Danl. French, Jr., Rich'd McLary, Jacob McNeal, Jacob Dillmon, Geo. Price, John Altick, John Bowman , Daniel Rudy, Steph. Potter, Will Thomas, Wm. Clay...Delany, Chris. Chas. Long & Mich'l Peters which are Ord'd to ..."

This is in an area centered on Joseph Teel's Mill north of Gogginsville. You can see some of the names listed in this area.

Glover Davenport and son, John, also lived along Maggotty Creek:

The most likely Y-DNA match is here -

Some commonalities with the John Thomas line who moved from Gloucester to Amelia Co, VA -
William Thomas ~1730 - 1772 had sons David and William:
son William in Amelia County records up to 1778. Our William Thomas first appearance is 1780 in Bedford Co, VA.
Probably his brother David: Martha Hurt married David Thomas in Amelia County, Va. by bond dated November 27, 1784.
[IF Ephraim Thomas' sons follow the English naming convention:
William THOMAS b: ABT 1792 Father's Father? (correct if William)
Adam ? THOMAS b: 25 NOV 1793 Mother's Father (correct! He was Adam Teal)
David THOMAS b: BET 1795 AND 1798
Ephriam ? THOMAS b: ABT 1796
We don't know which one is next, but 3rd son named after the father would be Ephraim, so 4th son David would be Father's Eldest Brother , probably correct if father was William and his brother was David.]

Note, references to a David Thomas who served for his brother William in the Rev. War must refer to different brothers. The veteran says he was born 1761 in Dinwiddie, VA and lived in Warren Co, NC the rest of his life.

Smith Co, TN Court Minutes Dec 28, 1813
"William Thomas vs Joshua Pyron". Plaintiff won judgement against Joshua Pyron for debts unpaid. 15 acr land on Wartrace was sold.

Often claimed to have died ~1821 but there is another William Thomas who married Elizabeth Woolfolk in northern Jackson County who they also claim to have died in 1821.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1750 and 1755      
Death 1821 Jackson, TN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Thomas, William?1772
         Thomas, William between 1750 and 1755 1821
    Brother     Thomas, David


Family of Thomas, William and (Thomas), Deborah

Married Wife (Thomas), Deborah ( * between 1755 and 1760 + ... )

"All Private Church Registers to 1800, York County, Pennsylvania" on
Name: Dorothea Thomas
Description: Bride
Event: Marriage
Date of Event: May 1770
Place: York Co., PA
Remarks: From Hanover and Lebanon
Church: Records of Baptisms and Marriages by Rev. Johan Stoever for York County, Pennsylvania, 1730-1779
===> groom appears to be "Peter Thomas" and bride is named "Dorothea Strohfuss" May 20, 1770, 11 months before Ephraim Thomas was born.
Two Peter Thomas's in the York Co, PA tax records: one in Reading and one in Dover. The Dover one disappears after 1786. Only matching name in Dover is "Strohley". While interesting, "Dorothea" is not "Deborah" and "Peter" is not "William".

Moved from Franklin County, VA to Jackson County, TN in 1804

Likely that Ephriam is son of William, surety to Sarah Thomas marriage with Thomas Cassity
Probably also David Thomas and Mary Thomas, wife of Joseph Davenport.

Other early Thomas marriages in Jackson Co, TN, District 3
William Thomas and Nancy Young - [kdd] is a DNA match to descendant of William Young Thomas and Narcissa Johanna "Norris" Searcy. Young's were next door neighbors to Davenports in District 3, Jackson Co, TN.
perhaps related to Zachariah Thomas and Mary Young who married Aug. 8, 1794 in Franklin Co, VA?
Cyrus Sharp Sloan s/o Samuel m Flora Ann Thomas before 1832. (District 2 or 3)

Probably related Thomas and connected names in Franklin Co, VA Marriage Bonds;
Slone, Jesse and Deborah Thomas, dau. ->David <-and Deborah, June 5, 1790. [incorrect: should be William]
Teal, Adam and Caty Baker, dau. Geo.,Nov. 19, 1790. Sur. Caty Thomas. 52.
Thomas, Ephraim and Caty Teal, dau. Adam and Mary,Jan. 19, 1791. Sur. David Thomas
McGuire, Elijah and Sary Robertson, 23 yrs. old,Mar. 7, 1791. Sur. Ephraim Thomas.
James, Samuel and Patsey Sneed, dau. John,Apr. 6, 1791. Sur. Ralph Thomas. 52.
Thomas, Zachariah and Mary Young,Aug. 8, 1794. 20.
Cassetty, Thos. and Sarah Thomas, dau. Wm. and Deborah, Feb. 25, 1796. Sur. Ephrem Thomas.
Slone, James and Sarah McGuire,Sept. 8, 1797. Sur. Daniel Thomas.
Thomas, David and Sarah McGuire,Sept. 8, 1797. Sur. James Stone. [ Slone? one of these is wrong!]
Thomas, Pleasant and Polly Kennaday,Mar. 6, 1800. Sur. James Kennedy. 66.
Thomas, Cornelius and Elizabeth Slaughter,Apr. 7, 1806. Sur. John Slaughter. 44.
Crow, (Groxxx) John and Nancy Thomas,Oct. 7, 1811. Sur. Aaron Hodges.
Vance, Peter and Fanny Thomas,Oct. 20, 1811. 122
James Blackley and Salley Johnson, December __, 1792, Ralph Thomas, surety.
William Ealy and Mary Rallings d/o Mary, October 23, 1780, William Thomas, surety.
George Thomas and Winney Adams, 27 Nov 1797, Thomas Adams, surety.
Nancy Thomas and Jacob Reed, 17 Apr, 1800, Frederick Gooldey, surety. Consent of William Thomas the father [sic] of Nancey.
(Martha Hurt married David Thomas in Amelia County, Va. by bond dated November 27, 1784.)

1786 Franklin Co, VA Tax List: William and David Thomas, Adam and Nicholas Teal
1788 Franklin Co, VA Tax List: William Thomas and Adam Teal
1799 Franklin Co, VA Tax List: William, David, and Ephriam Thomas
Aug 15 1812 Jackson Co, TN Tax List: William, David, William, Hiram
[ TN Early Tax Lists on ]
These Thomas's appear to be neighbors in the tax list, in same district in Jackson County. It seems unlikely they would be unrelated, but several trees claim Hiram is son of William Thomas and "Elizabeth Woolfolk" of Orange Co, VA, e.g.,
, and had brothers Lewis, William, and Humphrey. Hiram and Lewis families moved to Hamilton Co, IL

from "An old Virginia court : being a transcript of the records of the first court of Franklin County, Virginia, 1786-1789, with biog" on -
20 Nov 1786 Parriss vs Hale leave is Granted the Pltf to take the Depo, of Alex' Thomas.
Mar 1787 On the Motion of Milley Thomas. Judgt. is Granted her against John Livesey Gent. (NE. of Gogginsville)
12 Apr 1787 A Deed Robert Ellison to George Thomas Ack'd & O.R. A Deed of Conveyance from George Thomas & Sarah Thomas to Robt. Ellison Ack'd & O.R.
Jun 1788 George Thomas is appointed Lieut. & James Myer Ensign in the Compny of Capt. Greer... Aug 1788 George Thomas came into Court & Qualif'd as a Lieut in the Militia of this County.
29 May 1788 Charles Thomas who prosecutes on behalf of the Com. Wealth...for arrest of James Lynn, aka Thompson pg 132
April 1789 Isham Hall meets George Thomas in court! George Thomas, Foreman, ...sworn as Grand Jury... for trial against Isham Hall. [ Isham Hall and partner accused of theft from Owen Ellison]
==> If this is Sarah d/o William and Deborah Thomas, implies George is brother.

"We also notice in (Ibid Ref Pg 292 Book 8) that in August Court 1786 in the case of GRAHAM VERSUS ARTHUR- Deborah Thomas was allowed pay for three days attendance as a witness and that Mary Graham and William Thomas were also allowed for three days attendance."

Many of these names in descendants of Charles Thomas b~1739 VA m. Judith Ripley/Patterson
=> If our William Thomas was related, he would be Charles brother. One reference says Charles married in Appomattox Co, VA...

To divide up the names between Charles Line:
Pleasant, Cornelius, Charles, Milly, Polly, Judith, Richard
, and William's Line, ie, all the rest:
Mary, Sarah, Ephraim, Deborah, George, David, Daniel?, Zachariah, Ralph, Alexander

Name Birth Date Death Date
Thomas, Ephriam1771-04-011840-12-05
Thomas, Deborahabout 1772
Thomas, Sarah1775after 1840
Thomas, Nancyabout 1777about 1858