Thomas, David

Birth Name Thomas, David
Gender male


Commonly believed David is William's brother. Assuming he was at least 21 years old in these records:
Martha Hurt married David Thomas [_If_ this is him!] in Amelia County, Va. by bond dated November 27, 1784 => b.<1763
Thomas, Ephraim and Caty Teal, dau. Adam and Mary,Jan. 19, 1791. Sur. David Thomas => b.<1770
1799 Franklin Co, VA Tax List: William, David, and Ephriam Thomas => b.<1778
In 1820 Smith Co, TN , he is 45+ years old => b.<1775
David is believed to have died in the early 1820's in Jackson Co, TN like brother William.

Note if born after 1770 David could be William's son instead - the eldest brother of Ephraim. If Ephraim followed English naming conventions, then David as 4th son would be his eldest brother.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Thomas, William?1772
    Brother     Thomas, William between 1750 and 1755 1821
         Thomas, David


  1. Thomas, William?
    1. Thomas, David
    2. Thomas, William