Young, James

Birth Name Young, James
Gender male
Age at Death between 67 years, 11 months, 6 days and 74 years, 23 days


Note James Young did not move. His property was in Lincoln County, Virginia from 1 Nov 1780 to 1st Jan 1793 when it became Green County, KY, then Cumberland County in 29th Nov 1799.

James Young in the Lincoln Co, tax list of 1790 -

James on Marrowbone Creek, 1793 "Kentucky, U.S., Land Grants, 1782-1924" on
Grantee: James Young
Number of Acres: 200
Survey Date: 15 Sep 1791
County: Military
WaterCourse: Marrowbone Cr
Book Number: 8

Cumberland River in 1797:
Grantee: James Young
Number of Acres: 100
Survey Date: 20 Jul 1797
County: Military
WaterCourse: Cumberland R
Book Number: 11

Grantee: James Young
Number of Acres: 13
Survey Date: 17 Oct 1806
County: Cumberland
Watercourse: Fk Runnicks Cr
Book Number: 7


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1760 and 1765 Virginia, USA    
Death between 1833-12-06 and 1834-01-24 Cumberland Co, KY    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Young
Mother , Boone?
         Young, James between 1760 and 1765 between 1833-12-06 and 1834-01-24
    Brother     Young, Robert about 1765 between 1817 and 1819
    Brother     Young, Thomas before 1769 1848


Family of Young, James and Breeding, Sarah

Married Wife Breeding, Sarah ( * about 1771 + before 1833-12-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1789-10-06 Lincoln, KY    

CHILDREN from Michael Moore:

1 Name: Elizabeth Young
F bir: 8 Apr 1791 Lincoln County, KY
mar: 30 Nov 1815 Cumberland County, KY
to: James A. Linn
dea: 18 Jan 1870 Morgan County, IL

2 Name: Robert Young
M bir: ABT 1795 Green County, KY
mar: 9 Jan 1818 Adair County, KY
to: Elizabeth Breeding
mar: 3 Feb 1828 Adair County, KY
to: Sally Vigus

3 Name: Polly Young
F bir: ABT 1797 Green County, KY
mar: ABT 1819
to: Hardin A. Moorfield

4 Name: Margaret Young
F bir: ABT 1799 Cumberland County, KY
mar: ABT 1820
to: Nicholas Selby
dea: 1851 Scott County, IL

5 Name: Nathaniel M. Young
M bir: ABT 1801 Cumberland County, KY
dea: 28 Aug 1835 Morgan County, IL

6 Name: James Young
M bir: 25 Nov 1803 Cumberland County, KY
mar: ABT 1835
to: Mary Elizabeth Walthal
dea: 14 Apr 1869

7 Name: Sally Young
F bir: ABT 1805 Cumberland County, KY
mar: ABT 1825 Cumberland County, KY
to: Solomon Royce Jr.

8 Name: Nancy Young
F bir: ABT 1807 Cumberland County, KY
mar: EST 1824
to: Ephraim Lynn
dea: BEF 1837

Name Birth Date Death Date
Young, Robert
Young, Polly
Young, Margaret
Young, Nathaniel M
Young, James Jr
Young, Sally
Young, Nancy
Young, Elizabeth1791-04-08