Schaeffer, Johannes

Birth Name Schaeffer, Johannes
Gender male
Age at Death 87 years, 4 months, 14 days

Los Angeles Temple Library, LA Ca. Schapren/ Schafer/Schaeffer/ Famillies pp 836 thru 838.
Husband - Johannes Schaeffer b 1690 Family p 837 & 838.
Husband and Wife Marriage - Herman W. Witthoft Sr. Research.
Births of Children: Loonenberg and Schoharie Lutheran Church Registers.
Marriages of children: St Pauls, Lutheran Church, Schoharie, NY.
"Johannes (HJ). Perhaps he was the John Schaffer of Queensbury who was a Palatine Volunteer to Canada in 1711 (HJ). A Johannes Schaffer sp. Henrich Meyer in 1711 (West Camp Luth. Chbk.). Johannes Schäffer and his wife Anna Maria were recorded next to the Hanss Henrich and Johannes Zöller families at Neu-Ansberg ca. 1716/17 (Simmendinger Register). Pastor Berkenmeyer mentioned Johannes Schäffer often in Albany Protocol. In 1736 on p. 190 he wrote:

"After the service we returned to the home of Hannes Scheffer. The first thing he said was to ask me why I had bpt. the child b. out of wedlock, without having the mother first do pennance in the church. It was he who had said to Van Diren that he would not come again if he were willing to bpt. the child. When I remonstrated in a kindly way, I received the answer that I had put blame on the Luth. congregation and that if the Amsterdam Consistory did not adhere closer to the Luth. doctrine, then he would have nothing to do with it. There was no way of calming him down until his anger had spent itself. Then he asked me to have dinner with him, but I refused and said I should be happy to do so tomorrow after the first service. (See also pp. 98, 100, 161, 197, and 218 for more references to Johannes Schäffer in the Protocol).

"Johannes Scheffer signed as a Justice on the call from the Luth. Church at Schoharie to Rev. Dr. Gerdes in London 25 Aug 1741 (Luth. Church in N.Y. and N.J., p. 171). His family appears on.Pastor Sommer's Family List ca. 1744 (Schoharie Luth. Chbk.) Johannis Sheefer was a freeholder at Schoharie in 1763 (Albany Co. Freeholders). Johannes md. Anna Maria Zoller (HJ); she d. 2 15 Jul 1768 (Schoharie Luth. Chbk.). Johannes d. 15 May 1777, aged 87 (?) yrs. (Schoharie 2 Luth. Chbk.).

Appears in the Simmendinger Register


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1690 Hilgert, Dorf Hesse, Nassau, Prussia    
Death 1777-05-15 Cobleskill, Schoharie, NY    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Schaeffer, Johannesabout 1662
Mother (Schaeffer), Maria Elizabethabout 16641749-03-28
         Schaeffer, Johannes 1690 1777-05-15
    Brother     Schaeffer, Johann Heinrich 1698 1776-08-29


Family of Schaeffer, Johannes and Zoeller, Anna Maria

Married Wife Zoeller, Anna Maria ( * 1694 + 1768-07-15 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1716 Schoharie, NY    

Name Birth Date Death Date
Schaeffer, Elisabetha
Schaeffer, Jacob
Schaeffer, Johann Jost
Schaeffer, Adam
Schaeffer, Henrich1757-04-08
Schaeffer, Johannes1717-06-04
Schaeffer, Martinus1728-12-111803-03-07