Baggott?, Ann

Birth Name Baggott?, Ann
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Baggott, Samuel1779
         Baggott?, Ann


Family of McAtee, Patrick Sr and Baggott?, Ann

Married Husband McAtee, Patrick Sr ( * 1685 + 1756 )

"...a 1751 administration for the estate of Benjamin McAtee,[xxv] son of Patrick Sr, which lists Abednego, Edmund, and Thomas as the three youngest children."

"There is no evidence to indicate when Sarah Greene McAtee died or when Patrick married Ann. Ann may be the mother of the last three children based on the fact she is named in the will with them. Ann is last named in the 1768 rent rolls of his lordship manor of Pangaiah. She is listed with Abednego on the land she inherited from Patrick, Sr.
Ann's maiden name was probably Baggott. Based on the inventory of Samuel Baggott, son of Samuel Baggott, she was the next of kin of the decedent, indicating she was a sister."

Name Birth Date Death Date
McAtee, Thomas
McAtee, Abednegoabout 1745after 1822
McAtee, Edmund, Jr.about 1745before 1820