Hinshaw, Jacob

Birth Name Hinshaw, Jacob
Gender male
Age at Death 86 years


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Born 1710, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.1,3,21,102

He married Rebecca Mackey, 9-6-1735, Grange MM, Ballyhagen, County Armagh, Ireland.1,3,5,10,21,39,42,80,102,175 (Rebekah Mackey)2 (marriage also recorded at Rebecca's Rich Hill MM, County Armagh).a Rebecca Mackey, daughter of Joseph Mackey & Ann Sweethen, was born c1716, Kimcon, County Armagh, Ireland.1,2,10,42,80

The Marriage Book Ulster Quarterly Meeting shows Jacob was from Grange,Parish of Clanfekill, County Tyrone;a Rebecca was from Kincon, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh.a Their marriage of 9 Mo. 6, 1735 was at the Friends Meeting House in Ballyhagen, County Armagh, and was signed (witnessed) by (among others): Benjamin Mackie (Rebecca's brother), Ann Mackie (sister), Mary Hinshaw (who is this?), Margaret Hinshaw (who is this?), Mary Greer (sister of Alice Greer?), Joseph & Ann Mackie (Rebecca's parents), John Mackie (Rebecca's brother and husband of Elizabeth Hinshaw), William Hinshaw (cousin 34?), and Jacob & Rebecca themselves.10,39,105

Jacob was from Grange, parish of Clonfeacle, County Tyrone, and Rebeccawas from Kincon, parish of Kilmore, County Armagh.105

Jacob & Rebecca emigrated to New Garden, Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1741.1,5,21,42 An entry referencing his preparations to emigrate is found in the minutes of the Preparative Meeting of GranJacobge, near Charlemount, Ireland, for the meeting of 2 Mo. 3, 1741:10

"Patrick Holm & his wife, also Hugh Kennedy & his family, having Laid before our meeting their Intention of Removing to America, they being poor friends & in want of help, therefore this meeting agrees that William Delap doe Lay out ye Sum of fifteen pounds Ster: to help to pay their fraughts and other necessaries for ye Jurnay untill he be paid ye Same out of ye Interest Left to poor friends of this meeting; also John Whitsit, James Pillar, William delap, Thos Greer & Benjn Marshill are Desired to Draw Suitable Certificates for ye Sd Hugh Kennedy and for Jacob Hinshaw & his wife who Intends ye Same Journy".

Jacob and Rebecca were received at the New Garden Monthly Meeting, Chester County, PA, on 11-30-1741:10,39

"Jacob Hinshaw and Rebecca, his wife, produced a certificate from ye Men's and Women's Meeting (Grange) near Charlemont in ye North of Ireland, bearing date ye 3d day of ye 2d month, 1741, recommending him andhis wife members in unity."

Jacob and Rebecca signed (witnessed) a marriage certificate at New Garden for John Marshill & Ruth Hadley, dated Aug 14, 1742.10

They lived for a time within the limits of New Garden and then moved and about 1748 became members of the Menallen Meeting, Warrington, York (now Adams) County, Pennsylvania.28,10,42

One of the first marriages at Menallen MM was that of Samuel Pope to Elizabeth Stevenson on 7 Mo. 4, 1751, witnessed (signed) by Jacob Hinshaw.10

On 10 Mo. 23 1752, Jacob (Henshaw) appeared before Thomas Wilson, York County J.P., as a witness to the will of a John Blackburn.b

In 1752 some members of the meeting complained that Jacob was guilty of"breach of promise concerning the price of a Createre". In the 9th month (Nov), Jacob produced the following document which was recorded inthe record:10

"Friends as it was your desire I should be at this meeting to Clearthe truth of the Scandal I have brought upon it by my breach of promise for the which I am very sorrey and hopes to be more careful for time to come.
Jacob Hinshaw"

From Menallen they removed to Monaghan Township, York County, where they were living in 1758.10

About 1765 Jacob and family moved to Orange County, North Carolina, settling in the vicinity of the Sandy Creek Meeting, located west of Liberty near the community of Melancton.167 They presented a certificate dated 10 Mo. 12, 1765 to the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting on 1 Mo. 4, 1766.1,2,5,21

The Cane Creek MM men's records shows an entry for 1-4-1766:2

"Jacob Hinshaw received on a certificate from Pennsylvania".

The women's record shows an entry for the same date:2

"Rebekah Hinshaw & daughters Mary, Rebekah, Elizabeth, & Jane received on a certificate from Warrington MM".

On August 19, 1768, Jacob bought two tracts of land, one containing 272acres and the other 106 acres, at Sandy Creek in Orange County, North Carolina. He bought this land from Herman Husband for forty pounds. The deed identifies Jacob as a weaver by profession.1,5,42

This same Herman Husband later became leader of the radical group knownas the "Regulators". After a climatic battle between this group andthe provincial army in 1771, several of the movement's leaders faced execution. Jacob and some of his sons signed petitions asking for clemency for the condemned rebels. It is not known how much Jacob or his sons were involved in this movement, but it is interesting to note that shortly after the collapse of the movement, most of Jacob's sons returned to Pennsylvania for a time.42

Jacob Hinshaw died 3-31-1796, near Cane Creek MM, Randolph County, North Carolina; "aged about 86 years"; buried Sandy Spring Friends BG.1,2,42,80,175,217

Jacob's will, dated Feb 15 1791, probated in Randolph County in 1796, is recorded in the North Carolina State Archives (Raleigh, NC); Will Book 2, page 22c (see below).

Rebecca Mackey died 6-16-1796, Cane Creek MM, North Carolina; "aged about 80 years".1,2,42,80,217

Both Jacob and Rebecca are buried in the old Sandy Spring Friends Cemetery near their farm.42

Photo: Jacob Hinshaw family death records Cane Creek MM Records 217

Photo: Jacob Hinshaw's last will and testament 218


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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1710 Tyrone County, N Ireland    
Immigration 1741   Ireland to PA, The British Colonies  
Event Note


Death 1796 Randolph Co, NC    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hinshaw, Thomas1680
Mother Marshall, Mary16851735
         Hinshaw, Jacob 1710 1796


Family of Hinshaw, Jacob and Mackey, Rebecca

Married Wife Mackey, Rebecca ( * 1716 + 1796-06-16 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1735-09-06 Ballyhagen, Armagh, Ireland    

large family here - http://www.rawbw.com/~hinshaw/cgi-bin/id?64

added Elizabeth because a descendent is an autosomal DNA match to me.

William, Thomas, and Jacob Hinshaw and Rebecca Mackey are mentioned in this list of Cane Creek Monthly Meeting (Anson, NC)


( see also a James and Frances Taylor and Rachel Williams.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hinshaw, Thomas17491825-05-26
Hinshaw, Elizabeth17531833