Genealogy of the Vermont Gages

Author Porter Matteson
Publication information loose bound - probably not published. c.1938


    1. Family of Gage, Oliver Nelson and Lainger, Archie Ellen
      1. Lainger, Archie Ellen
      2. Gage, Oliver Nelson
    1. Gage, Orange Montgomery
    1. Myers, Cecil Vincent
    2. Residence, Myers, Cecil Vincent
      1. Myers, Cecil Vincent (Primary)
    1. Birth, Myers, Lester Harry
      1. Myers, Lester Harry (Primary)
    2. Myers, Lester Harry
    1. Family of Allan, Frank F and Gage, Caramitta
      1. Allan, Frank F
      2. Gage, Caramitta
  1. Section on descendents of Richard Gage
    1. Smith, Daniel D
    2. Death, Smith, Daniel D
      1. Smith, Daniel D (Primary)
    1. Okerlund, Ray Forrest
    1. all the census's say 1848
      1. Smith, Hudson Eugene (Primary)
    2. Smith, Hudson Eugene
    1. Family of Harris, Homer Ervin and Myers, Pearl Edith
      1. Myers, Pearl Edith
      2. Harris, Homer Ervin
    1. Gage, Adah Montes
    1. Family of Myers, Daniel Wallace Jr and Gage, Adah Montes
      1. Myers, Daniel Wallace Jr
      2. Gage, Adah Montes