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Name Birth
Carver, Alabassa 1878-12-18
Carver, Alice J 1891-06-00
Carver, Angeline 1856
Carver, Ara H  
Carver, Cannie E 1883-08-00
Carver, Charles 1880-05-00
Carver, Cornelius 1795
Carver, Cornelius 1833
Carver, Cornelius H 1870-02-00
Carver, Cynthia E 1877
Carver, Dora  
Carver, Elijah L 1874
Carver, Etta B 1882-01-00
Carver, George Milton 1878-08-28
Carver, James Wade 1845-06-26
Carver, John  
Carver, John Seth  
Carver, Lenora J 1878
Carver, Lillie A 1888-05-00
Carver, Living  
Carver, Martha Ann 1832-02-20
Carver, Martha J 1876
Carver, Mary J 1875
Carver, Mary Jane 1852-07-21
Carver, Nellie  
Carver, Paschal 1886-11-00
Carver, Samuel A 1872
Carver, Samuel L 1857-03-07
Carver, Sarah E 1889-05-00
Carver, Telorie M 1881-01-00
Carver, Warren W 1880-03-00
Carver, William A 1868-02-00
Carver, William J 1874
Carver, [Living]  
Carver, [Living]