An Epidemic of Coincidences

They all “died suddenly” just this past week (February 8-14)

I went to the store last Friday, and while I’m checking out, another car accident in front of the store. The clerks were talking about it and so I asked. 2 to 3 times a day!

Nextdoor post about the intersection nearest me suddenly having a huge spike in traffic accidents – and the poor lemmings blame traffic management. I told them I’ve been here 18 years and it’s never been this bad. “Call them vaxxidents!”  Silence…

I”ve also heard from numerous nurse whistleblowers that they are seeing a flood of patients whose cancer had been in remission suddenly have the cancer explode after the jabs.

There’s also a new epidemic of “VAIDS” ( vaxx-induced AIDS), and how very convenient,  Moderna has a new MRNA “vaccine” just for them!   Coincidentally Dr Mengele Fauci has been obsessed with MRNA “treatments” for AIDS for decades.

“But I feel fine”. Just wait till the 5G rollout is complete. Another “conspiracy theory” proven to be true –

Study finds 5G technology a ‘significant factor’ in higher COVID case and death rates

By Kyle

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